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How to Style the Pearls Accessories Look with Your Different Looks?

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 21-08-2017

Pearls are some of the best jewelries and accessories that will definitely add a modern classy touch to your outfits, either for your looks during a wedding, for the evenings or for the workplace in the morning, and even for your outings with your friends.

And, because pearls are some of the everlasting trends, we will offer you following several elegant options with our tips on how to style them with your different looks to enjoy an impressive, upscale presence.

  1. First: try the sparkling pearls for your formal looks

    Pearls add a special exquisite presence to your formal look, and give a clear impression that you are an elegant lady who highly appreciates beauty. We recommend that you opt for this delicate set of pearls and silver, styled with this soft blouse in grey color to enjoy a most amazing formal look. These can be styled with a skirt in the same grey color, or with a black one in straight formal cut.

    Cliffi set consisting of pendant and short earrings made of natural pearls and silver studded with zircon crystals in Greek design.



    This blouse for women in black and grey colors studded with crystals

  2. Second: pearls add a chic touch to your looks during the different occasions and evenings

    No doubt that pearls give your looks in the evenings irresistible special presence, it is actually the medal of elegance which the eyes cannot miss by all means.

    Following we offer you this exquisite set of pearls to adorn your elegant evening look wearing this eye- catching dress with its puffy design and quiet pink color

    Lotus luxury set hand- studded with pearls, consists of a pendant made of natural pearls incorporated with silver pendant designed as a lock, in addition to a lotus pendant made of net silver studded with zircon crystals and contains a round pearl, with pearl bracelets with silver lock and short earrings.  

    Styled with:

    Short dress in puffy design and light pink color, made of embroidered lace fabric in medium- length sleeves

    Or with:

    This pretty dress in the enchanting black color made of crepe and taffeta fabrics combined, embellished with sequins and organza fabric on the chest, in one shoulder design and open back with hidden back zipper

  3. Third: wear pearls necklace in so much confidence

    on an elegant top of your choice styled with jeans pants for a modern, distinctive look in the company of your friends: how about checking this next look and telling us what do you think?

    Long pendant for women hand- studded with pearls, contains a necklace made of natural pearls merged with silver pendant inspired from diamonds necklaces' designs and studded with sparkling zircon crystals.



    This top for women in black color, open on the sides and embellished with grey patterns

    And with:

    Blue jeans for women embellished with pearls.

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