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Let Your Jewelries Boost the Majestic Touch of Your Elegance on Eid al Adha


Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 21-08-2017

Well, you must know that your look is not complete without adding a touch of majestic jewelries to it, therefore, opt for the prettiest upscale jewelries in amazing designs to make your elegance speaks of your classy taste on Eid al- Adha.

To be exceptional on Eid and impress everybody with your classy look, adorn yourself with diamonds, colorful gemstones and pearls, all provided for you from the one and only Sayidaty Mall where we care so much to make your looks beautiful and alluring.

  1. Diamond Earrings

    For a look featuring majestic, opt for the sparkling diamonds by wearing these earrings designed on dagger shape made of gold 18 carats, diamonds 1.23 carats in modern and delicate design to suit all tastes, from Saba Diamonds.

  2. London Ring made of Blue Topaz

    If your look is featuring patterns and embroidered clothing, we recommend that you opt for this ring made of gold 18 carats, diamonds 0.58 carats, net weight 7.8 from Saba Diamonds.

  3. Pearls and Silver Cleevy Set

    Keep pace with the fashion this season in the beauty of pearls and its elegance to add a stylish majestic touch to your look on Eid.

    In understate delicate style we offer you: this set consisting of a pendant, two short earrings made of natural pearls and silver, studded in zircon crystals in Greek design from Daperla.

  4. Yellow Gold Set with Topaz Gemstones

    If you love the classic style such as the "Khaliji Gold Sets", opt for this set in yellow gold embellished with green topaz gemstone and diamonds in oval design to add a chic touch to your look from Vera Perla

  5. For further specified accurate details on the price and size of any piece you like and want to buy from Sayidaty Mall, all you have to do is click on the photo to know more details. To immediately acquire it please call 8004330033.

    Please note that delivery free of charge is only available in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with quality assurance and the integrity of the product guaranteed.

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