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How to Choose the Right Abaya to Perform Haj Holy Rituals?


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 20-08-2017

If you want to perform the holy rituals this year and already started to get ready to perform Haj, you must be confused about preparing the right outfits for this important occasion so that you get a decent, modest and comfy look.

In the following lines Sayidaty Mall will guide you to the most important considerations to take into account when choosing abaya to perform these great and holy rituals. We will also offer you an amazing collection of the right abayas:

  1. First: the type of the fabric

    Choose comfy fabrics such as cottons and avoid overstated ones such as chiffons and satins, to absorb sweat, help you bear the difficulties and high temperatures, yet to enjoy a comfy look.

    So we offer you: abaya for women in majestic and classic design, it radiates with elegance, in medium weight made of crepe with cotton and stripped organza fabrics, in white color and long sleeves from Black Swan Couture.

  2. Second: the color

    Our tip for you is to opt for light colors during daytime to reflect the sun rays away from you and provide you with the feelings of comfort and refreshment. We also recommend that you opt for the dark colors or black during the night, but avoid the colorful abayas or patterned noticeable ones and settle down with a decent, reverend quiet look in one single color. So we offer you these two options:

    During the day:

    Abaya for women with straps on the front and along the sleeves, in beige color made of Japanese silk fabric, embroidered with golden and white beads along the sleeves from Eckett

    For the night:

    Abaya for women with original Moroccan embroidery, in closed design and dark blue color with wide long sleeves from Diva Collection

  3. Third: the design

    Your abaya during Haj rituals must be simply designed and avoid the overstated embroidery or colorful patterns and accessories. Adopt practical, simple and comfy designs. So we offer you the following design in grey color and with zipper for practicality:

    Women abaya with a zipper in dark grey and long sleeves made of linen from Glory D'Arabia

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