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For Impressive Evening Looks in Fall 2017… Opt for a Superb Dress in Blue

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 20-08-2017

Color blue has its own magical charm that adds much mystery and glamour to the look of every lady who chooses the color for her evening dresses.

The different shades of blue, from the light sky blue to the indigo and dark blue are awesome and elegant colors, and very trendy during the fall season 2017 as many international fashion houses adopted the color.

Following we offer you a wide selection of evening dresses in the blue shades so that you can choose from among them the best that adds glamour to your look.

This is actually one creative design that we recommend for you, a dress in blue and beige colors, embellished with stars on the shoulders downward on one side for a distinctive, somehow bizarre look that is bound to impress everybody during the evenings.

In the event you love simple and individual designs, this dress is your best choice, especially if you styled it with accessories and jewelries in silver color


For a majestic look, yet with feminine mark, we offer you this floor- length evening dress, embroidered with luxury design in dark blue color, made of lace fabric with medium- length sleeves and embellished on the waistline with beads belt


To show up in quiet gentle look we recommend that you opt for the light blue shades, just like this understated dress, very suitable for girls with delicate looks.

Floor- length evening dress made of satin fabric, in bare shoulders design and blue color, embellished on top with beads and with long sleeves


For ladies in graceful figures who prefer tight dresses, we offer you this dress made of stretch fabric in blue color with long sleeves made of silky georgette fabric, with an eye- catching cut and phenomenal design.

Last but not least:

If you prefer to show up in short puffy dress, this design with its matchless old times look will sure seduce you. The dress is made of the elegant lace fabric in light blue color, embellished with floral belt on the waistline

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