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With Eid al-Adha Around the Corner… How to Choose Majestic, Modern Cup-Wares for Tasty Drinks?


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 13-08-2017

With the forthcoming Eid al- Adha season just few days ahead, social gatherings and visits tend to be abundant with tasty coffees and teas going around all day long, especially in the Gulf countries where the ultimate form of hospitality materializes by offering original Arabic coffee and the different rich flavors of tea.

Arabs and Gulf people in general tend to be generous and love to offer their finest hospitality, while Gulf women on the other hand always keen on introducing the best they have of their hospitality house-ware. So we made sure here on Sayidaty Mall to offer you everything that enriches your house with high quality and affordable prices.

Following we will offer you sets of coffee and tea cups for tasty hospitality, See More!

  1. First: Arabic Coffee Sets

    Arabic coffee enjoys special status in Gulf countries, with every sip from the tip of this little cup comes a thousand tales. Following we will offer you many choices with upscale taste of cup-wares.

    In a classy design, and attractive blue color here you are with this amazing Jawa collection from H&M Home Collection, consisting of 6 cups with golden edges. It will attract the attention of everyone during formal or informal occasions

    Because the golden color is the symbol of majestic and elegance which should be present in every Arab house, our tip for you is to opt for this amazing collection of Jawa cups from H&M Home Collection consisting of 6 cups with golden edges, it will absolutely get the admiration of everyone during formal or informal occasions. 

  2. Second: Turkish Coffee Sets

    The unique special taste of the Turkish coffee enjoys special presence in every house and during any gathering. This is why Turkish coffee cups come in pampered designs to suit its lovers, so opt for any of these special sets:

    This collection in special Sufism embellished design, consists of Turkish coffee cups from H&M Home Collection, 6 cups with handles and non-glossy golden edges, and comes with their ceramic coffee plates in golden non-glossy color

    For those who love to renovate colors yet in classic designs, opt for the amazing Turkish coffee cups from H&M Home Collection consisting of 6 cups with golden, non- glossy edges and handles, in turquoise color, and come with their golden, non- glossy embellished plates.

  3. Third: Tea Sets

    Because women gatherings become further sweet and beautiful by drinking tea, we offer you the following sets:

    First: in the majestic of white and golden color, and the beauty of Islamic geometric motifs of the old times, we offer you this set with its handles and edges in non- glossy golden color, and comes with its set of ceramic golden, non- glossy embellished plates from H&M Home Collection.


    And Second:

    This amazingly designed set of tea cups for further hospitality and elegance when offering tea to your guests from H&M Home Collection, consisting of 6 cups with golden non- glossy handles and edges, and comes with its own set of golden, non- glossy embellished plates.

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