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One Accessory is Enough to Rejuvenate Your Dining Table with Distinctive Majestic Touch


Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 13-08-2017

Your dining table deserves to be decorated with the finest, upscale accessories that add an exquisite touch of luxury to it especially during feasts and invitations.

Make your dining table very distinguished by exhibiting some classy etiquette and amazing décor, and add an elegant touch to its appearance from the latest selection of table accessories which you can get form Sayidaty Mall so that you and your guests can enjoy the arrangement of a luxurious and distinctive dining table.

  1. Characteristic set of Salt and Pepper Shakers Shaped as Cats.

    You have several options of distinctive accessories for your dining table, such as this salt and pepper shakers shaped as two cats one black the other white from Aulica, very perfect for lovers of pet animals. This cute duo of salt and pepper shakers shaped as two cats are the perfect addition to your dining table.

  2. Knife Rests Shaped as Horse

    One classy way to make your dining table distinctive is by placing some amazing holders for food utensils on it to add an upscale touch to its presentation, such as this knife rests shaped as a horse from Aulica. This is actually an essential piece on the table lending it an amazing sight, very much characterized with its amazing flawless design, and very appropriate for formal occasions.   

  3. Napkin Ring

    One of the basics of the dining table etiquette is to place napkins in front of every platter or dish. Our tip for you is to place the napkin in further majestic manner by using Blue Leaves napkin ring designed as olive branch. 

  4. Salt and Pepper Saucers Shaped as Olive Branch

    Make matters easier for your guests by placing salt and pepper right in front of them, especially if their number is large. Place around the table two saucers of salt and pepper shaped as olive branch from Blue Leaves.

  5. Blue Leaves Olive Pick

    Always use neat and organized tools on the dining table, and try to make the décor further beautiful, yet practical. Place Blue Leaves olive pick items on the sides of platters for a sophisticated, special and majestic touch.

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