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Jeans Pants Embellished with Pearls and Jewelries to Up-Scale Your Youth Look.

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 10-08-2017

This summer, it is absolutely a must that you adopt this amazing new trend which ruled the fashion scene: jeans pants embellished with jewelries, floral and pearls so that you can enjoy a unique and exquisite look, offered to you here on Sayidaty Mall from the latest collection by Tu Es Mon Tresor, the famous international brand mostly characterized with its upscale and femininity.

Choose what best appeals to your taste from among them to renovate your daily looks this season, and to take breaths away by opting for the latest, most sophisticated and finest pieces of fashions.

  1. Jeans Pants Embellished with Jewelries

    Take this first design for instance from the collection by Tu Es Mon Tresor: jeans pants in ultra-luxury style, with upscale touches of sparkle, in blue color and embellished with jewelries.

  2. Jeans Pants Embellished with Floral

    Every lady tracking the fashion trends knows well that summer season 2017 was mostly characterized with prints and colorful floral patterns which added a special spring touch to a woman look. So we offer you: jeans pants in blue color embellished with floral.

  3. Jeans Pants Embellished with Pearls

    Do you love pearls and their magic? If you do, this trend and special design will definitely take your breath away! Jeans pants studded with pearls, it will amaze you with its upscale design. Opt for it to add an elegant touch to your summer looks.

    We offer you: jeans pants in blue color embellished with pearls.

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