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One-Color Elegance for Bags and Shoes for a Classical Look

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 09-08-2017

Bags, shoes or sandals are some of the most important accessories that highlight your look and turn all heads toward you. This is why we are always keen on letting you in the know about the latest lines of fashion concerning bags and shoes. Lately however, we've noticed that many stars adopted the concept of one- color- for- all fashion which lent their looks further classic touch and upscale, yet with simplicity.

Following you will find some collections featuring the elegance of one color, and tips on how to style a bag, shoes or sandals in one harmonious unified color: Stay tuned in:

How to style duos in unified color?

  1. First: identical color duos

    You can style identical color duos just like this one in dark blue which we selected for you to match many of your modern looks.

    Clutch bag made of faux leather in appropriate size, embellished with a golden piece featuring the name of the trademark.



    Sneakers shoes for women made of clipped soft leather in dark blue

  2. Second: convergent Color Duos

    Enjoy an elegant look with a bag, sandals or shoes in convergent colors; meaning from the same color shades to lend your look a chic harmony. We've seen the trend in the looks of many fashionistas. For instance, we offer you this following duo in the brown and havana shades.

    Bag for women made of water resistant saffiano leather in brown color embellished with the name of the trademark on top.  



    These sandals for women in brown color

  3. Third: duos in different colors

    The concept of these duos is based on adopting different colors which might be distant and far apart, yet they lend you an alluring, eye- catching look on condition that the two colors match the other colors of your look and outfits. We offer you this following duo

    Bag for women made of faux leather in coral color and embellished with the initials of the trademark



    High heels shoes for women in light grey color open on the side, and embellished on the back with a bow

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