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Wristwatches in Delicate Designs for Irresistible Femininity


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 08-08-2017

There is absolutely no prettier a thing than these delicate, soft designs that add special classy splendor to your look. Well! Tastes used to go for overstating and exaggerating in accessories and jewelries, but it seems they backed a little and tend now to come in delicate designs, more like rare and exquisite art pieces.

And now we will put these designs in your hands in this following article, and we are very sure that they will infuse your feelings and seduce you to own them to adorn your looks in your different occasions, just keep browsing and opt for what best suits your taste!

Opt for the magic of rose gold with this watch for women designed with Swarovski crystals


Engulf your wrists with the purity and beauty of the white color with this watch for women made of white leather and silver mina.

Spoil yourself in violet color with its rich shades wearing this watch for women made of stainless steel bracelet, embellished with gemstones in violet color and violet mina with a stainless steel case. 

 Be a crowned queen in the appeal of the majestic black color with this watch for women

Love your femininity and adorn your looks in the splendor of silver color wearing this watch for women in metal bracelet in silver

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