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Surrati Launches New Perfumes for Oriental Men to Enjoy a Refreshing Summer

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 06-08-2017

The perfume is an integral part of the identity and character of any man because of its apparent effect that precedes his steps with its aromatic scent filling the place in a sweet smell.

And because of the magical impact of perfumes on the hearts of people, and their personal unforgettable mark, Sayidaty Mall offers you a magnificent collection of men fragrances coming to you from Surrati, characterized with its Oriental and French aroma. Choose what best appeals to your taste for unforgettable fragrance.

Some of the best perfumes for the summer season include the light refreshing citrus fragrances. We offer you: eau de perfume spray fragrance for men with the smell of citrus and green wood. Very distinctive with its good, majestic and perfect smell for the youth


This perfume combines eau de perfume in spray design several oriental fragrances including oud, smoked caramel and wood, with a special balanced cocktail of French fragrances for perfect joy and total vitality.

As for this perfume, it is ideal for men especially during summer trips and on the beaches with its special, attractive and spring aroma. We offer you: eau de perfume spray fragrance for men in the fruit flower and roses scents. 

And for unforgettable fragrance opt for perfumes that suit all times, especially if you travel much. Some of the perfumes suitable for day and time this eau de perfume spray fragrance for men in the scent of sweet fruit and smoked wood, very distinctive with its charming and alluring scent.

And for lovers of amazing oriental fragrances we offer you this eau de perfume spray fragrance for men in amber and oud scent.

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