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For a Radiant Skin Effective Beauty Products to Lighten Your Skin Tone and Diminish the Traces of Summer

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 06-08-2017

During summertime, most women and girls suffer very dark skin tone especially after spending some fun time on the beach. Actually this is annoying for them as their skin tone tends to be pale with variant skin color and it gets worse if they did not already have gotten a proper tan.  

These changes in the skin color during summer are some of the most problematic issues for women especially that the season is so laden with different occasions.

On Sayidaty Mall we fully understand this suffering of yours, and your wish to get rid of it, so we provided for you the finest and most effective products to lighten the skin tone and restore its glow and radiance.

  1. Facial Cleanser to Lighten the Skin from Obagi

    Get rid of the pale skin tone on your face with this mild cleanser that contains vitamin C and Aloe Vera extracts, helps lightening the color of your skin and gives it a radiant appearance from Obagi. Apply twice a day in the morning and evening for better results.

  2. Surface Peeling Lotion

    If you want to enjoy a glowing skin free of impurities this summer, apply this surface peeling lotion which contains fruit acids and vitamin C, gives the skin smoothness and firm texture, unifies its tone without causing its dryness from Obagi, and thus you can get the skin of your dreams.

  3. Deep Pigments Facial Treatment Cream

    After spending some time on the resort under the sunshine, your skin will show traces of intensive pigments which will have its impact on your beauty. You can permanently get rid of it by applying this cream for deep pigments facial treatment, especially designed to be mixed with vitamin A extracts for skin peeling from Obagi. Pregnant women are not advised to use this cream, and can be applied only once in the evening

  4. Serum to Unify the Skin Tone

    You can unify your skin tone after peeling and treating pigments by applying this serum   to unify the skin tone, contains vitamin C and hidrokinon, effectively unifies the skin tone and lends its appearance unparalleled radiance in record time. Apply 7 to 10 drops once a day, and must use sunscreen while applying the serum, from Obagi

  5. Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin

     Most women suffer skin dryness in the summer, so you must use moisturizing cream to restore freshness to your skin and remove pigments. We offer you this in-depth hydrating cream that gives sever dry skin extra intensive hydration with long- lasting effect while giving it smooth and soft texture. It also contains peptides to protect the sky against aging signs, from Obagi.   

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