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Short Cardigan for a Formal Elegant Look

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 02-08-2017

Cardigans are some of the most important and dynamic pieces that come in different designs to keep you in pace with the various needs and looks.

Following Sayidaty Mall offers you from its new collections for summer and fall seasons 2017 different styles of the elegant classy cardigan to lend you a formal alluring look that is certain to make you confident during your meetings and work events, or during official visits.  

Here you are with some of these designs along with our tips on how to style them with your complete formal look:

  1. First: cardigan in one plain color

    Many women prefer their formal looks in one mono-color to add further elegance and seriousness to their appearance. We offer you the following cardigans that come in only one color:

    No. One: short cardigans in black color embroidered by sequins for your formal evening look. Our tip for you is to style it with short black skirt, bag, sandals and jewelries in sparkling silver color.


    No. Two: short cardigan in silver color embroidered in sequins with long chain pendant embellished with Swarovski crystals. It will definitely lend you an impressive formal look for the morning or the evening. Our tip for you is to style it with classic pants in the same silver color to get a classy, quiet and harmonious look with shoes and clutch bag in black or dark red. 

  2. Second: patterned cardigan

    Patterned cardigans are also some of the elegant formal options that will lend you a noticeable exquisite look. It also allows you different styling options with accessories. Here you are with these two different patterned cardigans:

    No. One: women cardigan printed with big floral, made of silk with cashmere fabrics. Our tip for you is to style it with black skirt, bag and shoes in white color for a delicate and chic look.


    No. Two: women cardigan embellished with geometric patterns, in white and black colors. Our tip for you is to style it with classic pants in grey color, bag and shoes in black for a formal chic look.

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