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Three Modish Summer Looks for Men in Affordable Prices from Giordano

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 01-08-2017

In summertime, a man seeks to get casual modish look to give him comfort, practicality and elegance all at the same time. Among the different outfits for men shirts are much preferred by many of them because they combine practicality and comfort together, in addition of course to the Polo T-shirt which is suitable for styling with the casual jeans look or with the wide pants.

There are different multiple choices of shirts, T-shirts, jeans, cloth pants and sporty pants but all of them enjoy one common feature which is that they can give a man easy appearance and modish look.

Following we will offer you 3 different modish looks in affordable prices to satisfy all tastes.

  1. First Look: a morning look, modish and practical for young men

    For this look we have chosen the polo T-shirt with jeans pants, the most popular and trendy look among young men.

    Knight polo T-shirt in dark red color with the print of the knight on the horse in yellow and the number 8 on the sleeve, made of soft fabric in good quality craftsmanship to lend a man the ultimate modish look from Giordano


    Men pants made of denim fabric in slim cut, casual and in blue color from Giordano.

  2. Second Look: an evening look, modish and classy for young men

    For this look we have chosen the classic shirt but in youthful modern color, styled with pants made of cloth in light color for a quiet upscale look.

    Oxford men shirt in slim cut and traditional, yet practical design and in pink color by Giordano.



    Casual men pants in beige color and limited edition from Giordano.

  3. Third Look: a practical look, sporty for going to the club and for youth trips.

    This is a limited edition of the polo T-shirts in the print of the knight on the horse, made of soft fabric and with high quality craftsmanship to give a man the ultimate modish look from Giordano

    Sporty wear pants are the youth preferred choice, indispensible during the summertime. Opt for comfy design sporty pants with T-shirt in light color for a dynamic, elegant looks in the summer.

    Sporty pants for men in dark blue color from Giordano

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