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For the Mother of the Bride…Marvelous Options to Shine during Your Daughters Wedding

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 26-07-2017

No words can describe the joy and happiness of the mother on the wedding day of her daughter. And for a mother to get ready for this big day is by all means not less important than the preparations of the bride herself.  With the spotlights on her looks, the mother must show up in a good, elegant and modest appearance in pace with the norms and traditions of the Gulf area at the same time.

Sayidaty Mall greatly cares for you on this historic day, and offers you 5 options that will for sure give to you a most splendid amazing look to catch all eyes. Stay tuned in for more:

  1. First Option: elegant black dress embellished with floral

    Showing up in black color will guarantee that you get a chic look and eye- catching presence. We have chosen for you a cheerful look suitable for your joy and happiness on such a big day in this dress embellished with exquisite colorful floral from Royal Bride.

    Floor- length black dress in short sleeves embroidered with colorful floral.

  2. Second Option: dress in royal design in beige and golden colors

    If your wish is to show up in quiet color, our tip for you is to opt for this dress in angelic color and royal design which will definitely make you appear in a most majestic look worthy of the gorgeous mother of the bride, from Pink Salt.

    Floor- length evening dress made of silk fabric in golden color, embroidered with beads and with medium- length sleeves from Pink Salt.

  3. Third Option: dress in chic classic design and striking red color

    How cool is that if you show up in the alluring red color on the wedding day of your daughter? So we selected for you this dress in beautiful color and quiet upscale design to give you a classic presence, distinguished and full of confidence and allure.

    Floor- length evening dress in wide design and red color, made of chiffon and lace with long sleeves wide on the middle, neck tie and back hidden zipper from Julea Domani.

  4. Fourth Option: striking dress for overstated majestic look

    But if you want to show up in overstated look that takes the breaths away, opt for this dress in black and golden colors and magical design that will definitely lend you a look beyond expectations from Pink Salt.

    Floor- length evening dress in black and golden colors made of silk and polyester fabrics and embroidered with threads. 

  5. Fifth Option: dark blue dress similar to a princess dress

    Well! You deserve to shine on such an occasion, actually it is your right to glow and sparkle. So we selected this dress for you in its splendid and majestic design so that you shine like a crowned princess on the wedding day of your daughter from Black Swan Couture.

    Floor- length evening dress made of lace fabric, in puffy design with tulle fabric downward, long sleeves and embellished with buttons along the back and a belt studded with shimmering crystals from Black Swan Couture.

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