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This is how Your Summer Makeup Kit should Be!

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 25-07-2017

One of the biggest mistakes women do is the misconception that the makeup products they use are suitable for all times and seasons of the year. This is absolutely wrong because summer makeup needs more care and has its own foundation rules to avoid unwanted results due to the high temperatures which directly affect the makeup and make it fails to last long.

Today, Sayidaty Mall will introduce to you some important tips on summer makeup, and how to get an integrated makeup kit to enjoy a prefect, delicate and stunning beauty with long lasting clean makeup during summertime.

  1. First Tip:

    As usual, you should not apply makeup before cleansing and moisturizing your skin, especially ladies with dry skin.

    Now apply the primer before the foundation cream. To give your skin a preliminary soft layer we offer you: moisturizing spray cream, colorless, contains hyaluronic acid to cover wrinkles and impurities, apply on your face before makeup from Rodial

  2. Second Tip:

    We recommend that you opt for the foundation cream that contains moisturizing ingredients as well to give the skin further youthful appearance, softness and to protect it from dryness. Ladies with oily skin are recommended to opt for non-gloss compact foundation cream.

    But because women in the Arab world suffer skin dryness during the summer season, we offer you from Sayidaty Mall this Airbrush Make- Up Shade 3 by Rodial. It will give your face a perfect flawless skin thanks to its lightness and softness.

  3. Third Tip:

    A powder to cover skin shininess is one of the greatest tricks to show up in a beautiful makeup, it should never leave your makeup kit. With few touches of this powder you can restore to your makeup its radiance and splendor.

    We offer you: soft matt powder to help cover any impurities on your face, it blends quickly with the skin and hide the shininess for a long time, suitable for oily skin from Rodial.

  4. Fourth Tip:

    It is no secret to any woman that bronze and coral colors are very suitable for the summertime, so we recommend that you give your face a touch of warm radiance during the summer by applying a blusher in the magical coral color.

    We offer you: this ideal blusher to put the final touches on your makeup, it is soft and smooth on the skin and gives it natural radiance, and it can also absorb the oil from the oily skin and comes in the bright coral color from Rodial.

  5. Fifth Tip:

    Always adopt the waterproof mascara and khol to avoid sweat during the summer season. But during this particular season however, stay away from black khol and apply colorful one in the shades of blue and brown to give your eyes further youthful amazing look.

    We offer you: fixed khol No. 74, in indigo blue color from Provoc.


    We offer you: Glamolash XXL mascara in black color, lasts all day long and contains beeswax for lash conditioning from Rodial

  6. Sixth Tip:

    Opt for lip gloss that makes your lips naturally appear larger and moisturized. We recommend that you apply lip gloss in bright spring colors this summer.

    We offer you: Saint and Sinner lip gloss in pink nude color, water resistant with long lasting effect, contains Omega3 and soy beans oil to keep the lips soft and moisturized from Lipstick Queen.