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Black is Your Best Friend during the Evenings… How to Wear It?

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 25-07-2017

Black has its own special presence in your evening looks during parties and special events. The color combines majestic and allure and brings out your femininity in a most glamorous look, and it always remains the king of all colors, the symbol of elegance and attractiveness and suitable for all times and occasions.

If you love this color the following article will definitely fuel your feelings because we will offer you several amazing options in black color and exquisite designs to suit your taste for the evenings. Stay tuned in and see more, make your mind how do you want to look during your next occasion? Will you opt for sweater with pants, or a dress?

We will also provide for you some important tips to enjoy a fabulous look in black.

3 Tips you must follow when wearing black

- If your dress is free of embroidery wear necklaces and earrings in big sizes and bright colors.

- Go out-of -the –box when choosing the color and design of your shoes, by opting for bright colors including pink, mauve or rosy in broad high heels, or neutral colors such as white, black or beige in stiletto high heels, or even flat ones.

- A thin or broad belt in bright colors will add a touch of beauty to a thin figure, you can wear belt in silver or golden colors during special occasions, or one in bright or neutral color for a classical look.

Attractive options in black color

  1. First: opt for a chic black sweater for your evening occasions.

    To get a sophisticated look in black, opt for a sweater in black styled with classic black pants and classy accessories in the stunning golden, silver or pearl colors. We selected for you from St. John brand the following:

    Black blouse patterned and with medium- length sleeves reaching up to the elbows.


    Long blouse in black color studded with sparkling strass.

  2. Second: opt for an exquisite dress in black for a splendid look in the evening.

    We will offer you following dresses in black from several brands to lend you a charming look and irresistible presence. Choose the one closest to your taste from the following dresses:

    Floor- length evening dress in metallic black.  



    A short black dress made of folded chiffon fabric.

    Or else:

    A short black dress, sleeveless and designed with open back on the sides

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