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Get to Know the Pencil Skirt Trend and How to Style It

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 25-07-2017

The Pencil Skirt trend is popular this season. The trend features a straight cut on the trims and medium- length skirt. And despite the simplicity of the design which is free of any overstated details, many girls and women are afraid to wear it on the pretext that it requires a tall thin figure free of any eminent masses, unlike the bodies of Arab women who in general are characterized with wide hips. But fashion experts see that the trend is suitable for Arab and Gulf women regardless of the differences in their figures if styled properly with a suitable top piece.

Following we will offer you some important tips on how to style the Pencil Skirt: 

Tips on how to style the Pencil Skirt for your look:

The idea to wear a straight cut skirts on the trims revolves around the other complementary pieces, especially the top and the shoes. So our tip for you is to wear cardigan on the top piece when wearing this skirt to hide the hips area if you have such eminent mass showing. We also recommend you wear high heels to give you more height and a graceful figure.

Colors matter when you wear a Pencil Skirt because of its straight trims which easily show the unwanted curves in your body. So, we recommend that you opt for dark colors on the more full parts of the body, and the light ones on the parts more graceful. The colors most trendy this season include all shades of blue and green as these are the colors of summer and flowers, in addition to the rainbow colors. Try to wear cardigan in dark color with the Pencil Skirt and a top in light color with long stripes for a harmonious look.

Now see more of our way to style the following looks:

Midi skirt made of satin fabric in straight design and white color from the collection Oz by Mwinda


Women cardigan in front open design and green color with long sleeves from Anne Klein


Striped women top in yellow and pink colors with green.


High heels women shoes embellished with sequins on the pointed front from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.

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