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Apply Dark Lipstick Color to Enjoy the Look of Glamorous Evening

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 25-07-2017

Your lipstick is your own special, beautiful mark whenever you apply makeup and this is why beauty experts advise stars to apply dark colors for their evening looks and on special occasions.

Further away from the quiet colors you use during daytime and for formal occasions, such events require that your look is noisy with stark colors such as red, burgundy and purple.

See more of this following article and choose for your skin what best suit its tone and lend it a striking evening look:

  1. If your skin is white to rosy, you are free to choose between the daring red shades which definitely suit your skin tone and boost the radiance of your look.

    Have Paris lipstick from Silver Queen collection in silver lid design, in crimson red color from pomegranate extract, made of 100 percent natural ingredients in addition to the antioxidant vitamins E and A to maintain the lips hydrated and smooth all day long with its added refreshing mint oil, from Lipstick Queen

  2. If your skin tone is light to normal, opt for the purple lipstick, but make sure to choose the darker shade to give your lips sexy alluring look.

    Possessed Intense lipstik from the collection , nonglossy and thick to get dark lips, composed of forest fruits, contains antioxidant oils and vitamin E to keep the lips smooth and moist, has a long lasting effect thanks to its ingredients of deep intensive pigments, enhanced with peach pulp oil and comes in blackberry color from Lipstick Queen

  3. But in the event you have bronze skin tone, we recommend you opt for the stark red lipstick to lend your skin a stunning look.

    Saint lipstick in dark nonglossy red color, contains 10 percent pigments with long- lasting –hydrating- effect from Lipstick Queen

  4. And if your skin tone brunette to bronzy, you can try a daring and amazing option by applying dark lipstick in burgundy shades, you will instantly notice the striking result!

    Saint lipstick in dark nonglossy burgundy color, contains 10 percent pigments, with long- lasting- hydrating- effect from Lipstick Queen

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