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4 Tips to Tackle the Heat of the Sun through Your Look

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Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 25-07-2017

With the sizzling sun heat this summer and the soaring temperatures in the Arab countries; we must know how to tackle this heat wave through our choices of the fashions we want to wear to go out for work, or picnicking or having a cup of coffee with friends.

Here you are with some of our tips on how to deal with the high temperatures this season: 

  1. Do not wear dark color outfits and mainly focus on fashions in white color which actually prevent your body to absorb heat.

    We selected for you this delicate dress in white color from the collection by Kristina Fidelskaya.

  2. Opt for open sandals in one strap design that grabs the feet.

    Like these sandals which we selected for you from the collection by SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.

  3. Focus on outfits made of linen or cotton fabrics to help you suck the sweat of your body.

    We selected for you this phenomenal abaya from the collection by Nabila Nazer made of linen fabric in exquisite colors and delicate design.

  4. But if you prefer the pants look our tip for you is to opt for pants wide on the waistline right downward to the feet, and avoid as much as possible skinny pants which tend to increase the body heat.

    Here you are with these pants which you can style from the youth collection by Mwinda.

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