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4 Floor- Length Evening Dresses for a Classic Luxurious Look

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 24-07-2017

During the vacation season, you have an everlasting date with special evenings and parties, and this makes you in bad need for distinctive looks wearing exquisite evening dresses. So what do you think of a classic, majestic look wearing any one of these following marvelous dresses recently brought to you from the famous brand St. John?

In this following article, we selected for you several colors that will amaze you. Even though many women like to dress up in black at night to add special glamor to their looks, others find their beauty in upscale dresses in quiet angelic colors such as pastel shades, beige, light grey or silver. They might also prefer colors that make them like stars attending movie festivals, such as red, fuchsia, lilac or indigo blue. But you should take into account that the color of your evening dress depends on your skin tone and personality. For example, red will make look more hot and sexy, while white will add a touch of purity to your look, and black on the other hand will lend you a classical look.

Following we offer to you 4 different options to choose from among them what best meets your taste and makes you a sparkling star… See more and choose.

To get a classy stunning look in shimmering silver color we offer you this dress in its exquisite design and attractive color.

For a sexy feminine look we selected for you this dress in red color, simple yet elegant design that will definitely lend you the look of celebrities on the Red Carpet.

And because we know how much you adore black we selected for you this black dress embellished with floral on top for a delicate and classy look.

For a captive presence in blue we picked this dress for you in its harmonious elegant style, its exquisite cut and classy embroidery on the sides for a sophisticated look worthy of you dear.

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