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Choose the Right Pants to Fit Your Body Shape and in Pace with the Fashion of the Season

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 24-07-2017

Pants provide comfort and practicality on the move; this is why they are considered some of the most important outfits included in the wardrobe of any woman and girl. They must be chosen and styled carefully to get the right look that highlights the beauty of your body and hide all its flaws.

So in this next article we will offer you a number of tips that will help you choose the right pants to fit your body shape. We will also offer you some trendy pants for this season in different styles and designs to choose from among them what best suits your taste and fits your body shape so that you can enjoy an elegant confident look: Stay tuned in please!

How to Choose the Right Pants for Your Body?

  1. If you have tall thin figure, do not hesitate to opt for short pants that reach to the ankle, or ones folded on the bottom to highlight your graceful figure, exactly like this following option:

    Women pants in slim design, in light purple color from Anne Klein.

  2. In the event you have short thin body, avoid short pants or folded ones, and switch to the skinny long style such as the following:

    Women pants in practical comfy design, stripped in green, blue and pink with yellow from M Missoni.

  3. But in case you have big hips, try to opt for pants in straight cut, and always go for the dark colors such as black and dark blue so that your figure appear further graceful.

    Sporty- chic women pants made of cotton polyester in skinny cut and black color from Giordano

  4. And in the event you have straight body- meaning no apparent curves- you can choose either the skinny or the straight cut, or even the ones wide down the knee, known also as the Boot Cut, such as these classy pants:

    Women pants in wide design downward, open on the sides, in white color with hidden side zipper from Kay Li.

  5. If your belly is showing, make sure to opt for pants with high waist to cover the belly area under your clothes.

    Women pants in black color and tight-leg design, with a slim cut from Oz collection by Mwinda

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