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Change Your Summer Looks to the Latest Trends of Fashion from Summer 2017

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 24-07-2017

Fashion designers introduced their collections for summer 2017 followed by the Cruise  Fashion Season 2018, and they revealed to us the latest trends that ruled on top of the elegance throne for summer and the coming fall season.

Sayidaty Mall spotted several fantastic exquisite trends that ruled the fashion scene during international fashion shows for summer 2017, and we selected for you an expansive diversified collection from the most amazing shows to help you choose from among them the best that suits your daily modern look, and for your summer trips, and adorn your wardrobe with the prettiest pieces in pace with the latest lines of fashion.

  1. First Trend

    The skirt and "short body top" trend which actually is ruling every fashion season for women. From this trend we selected for you a prominent design and one of the prettiest pieces we spotted on catwalks this summer 2017 in the monochrome style in white and black for a youthful modish look.

    We offer you: sleeveless ensemble in round collar and a short skirt in tight design from Pink Salt.

  2. Second Trend

    This is the wide blouse trend designed as kaftan; as a matter of fact we see that this trend is the most appropriate for the summer as it gives you the feeling of comfort and coolness, and does not need very much decorations, a wide belt and short skirt will be enough to style with it.

    For a look featuring elegance and sophistication we offer you: a blouse in kaftan design and blue color, with sleeves reaching to the elbow 

  3. Third Trend

    This trend is one of the most elegant and classy styles, and we have seen it in many Street Style fashions. It consists of a short jacket styled with wide pants and Crossbody bag.

    Inspired from this upscale elegance we offer you: short women jacket in white and black colors and long sleeves from Anne Klein.

  4. Fourth Trend

    We are speaking here about the floor- length colorful skirts trend. Our tip for you is to adopt the style this summer to add unparalleled spring radiance to your look. Style with it converse shoes embellished with glitter, and short denim jacket, or even short shirts.

    For a bold youthful look we offer you: floor –length skirt in wide design downward, striped with colors including green, yellow and brown with pink from M Missoni.

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