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Makeup Brushes Essential Beauty Tools

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 23-07-2017

Part of your routine to take care of your beauty is having many cosmetics either for cleansing the skin and attending to its health or for beauty purposes, and of course, the necessary tools to apply such products.

And just like it is very imperative for you to have fine and luxury beauty products of good quality, it is necessary as well to know how to buy beauty tools to apply such products. Therefore, we will provide for you following this guide to help you choose the makeup brushes which you need to complete your makeup process: Stay Tuned In!

  1. The foundation cream brush:

    this one is used to apply liquid foundation cream and helps distribute the foundation evenly on the whole face, to give it a unified perfect cover.

    Multifunctional brush domed with densely packed bristles for ease of use when applying the foundation cream and concealer so as to distribute evenly on the face and to maneuver around difficult areas like cheekbones and jaws, in black color from Rodial.

  2. The contour brush:

    it is indispensible to sculpt the face and apply ideal contouring, flat with gently sloping head to color the face easily

    Get the perfect skin with this contour brush which will highlight the features of your face and chin. Apply your contouring using this brush to enjoy flawless skin from Lottie London.

  3. Brush to apply powder:

    this brush is available in large and small sizes and a must in your makeup kit, used to apply compact powder after applying foundation to give the skin silky texture. Use it to apply powder on the neck as well.

    Brush with thick handle for good grip when applying the final touch of powder to enjoy an ideal look from Lottie London.

  4. Blusher brush:

    this is one of the best brushes to apply bronze powder, similar to the powder brush but with more slanting edges which makes it perfect to apply blusher on the cheekbones.

    Blusher brush made of dense bristles and round shape for optimal cover, in black color from Rodial.

  5. Eye-Shadow brush:

    this is used to apply eye-shadow and primer for beautifying your eyes; its flat bristles help you to preform your task smoothly and easily.

    Get this amazing look for your eyes using this multifunctional brush to apply eye-shadow, ideal for blending and stroking the powder, also to apply creamy eye- shadow from Lottie London.

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