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For Lovers of Beige Color… 4 Fabulous Dresses for a Look beyond Expectations

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 20-07-2017

4 Dresses in Beige Shades for an Arabian Original Look

Beige is one of the colors very rich with its multiple shades. It suits all types of skin tones and this is why it is very cherished by many women and is one of the trendiest colors this season. All this prompted Royal Bride, the leading brand in designing dresses for evenings and occasions to adopt it altogether.  

If you love it, we offer you here and now a number of amazing designs that will definitely go beyond your expectations, and lend you an authentic Arabian royal look with excellence. Just stay tuned in and grab the design and shade most close to your taste.

  1. First Look:

    this dress in copper color with beige is very distinctive with its upscale design and cut that is bound to suit your wish for a decent, upscale look  

  2. Second Look:

    Try now this gorgeous dress with its exquisite design in dark blue and beige colors, embellished with stars on the shoulders downward on one side, sleeveless and in floor- length design. It will definitely lend you an eye-catching presence.

  3. Third Look:

    this look is dedicated for lovers of the quiet classy blend between white and beige colors. The two colors mixed give any lady an angelic look, away from the bustle of colors. In fact the unique elegance of the dress lies in the simplicity of its details and the serenity of its colors.

  4. Fourth Look:

    if you want to show up in a dress uniquely designed on the style of abaya, then this option in beige and black colors is the perfect example for the authentic, modest and elegance of the design especially as evident on the shoulders.

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