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Delicate like a Mermaid: Shine with Pearls during Your Summer Occasions


Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 20-07-2017

Every woman needs a distinctive piece of jewelry that makes her standout, shine like a legendary mermaid, to highlight her beauty and her good choice, elegance and upscale taste.

We on the other hand recommend that you sparkle this summer in the luxury and majestic of pearls and enjoy a most enchanting look that catches the eyes.

So we provided for you here on Sayidaty Mall a number of gold sets each consisting of 4 pieces embellished with pearls in rose design from the famous brand for introducing the finest upscale designs, Vera Perla, the classic Italian style with added traditional Arabic and modern elements

This season however we spotted some sophisticated touches on catwalks featuring jewelries embellished with pearls mixed with gemstones, thus adding special classy elegance on the fashion models' looks. Inspired by this fashion we offer you: gold set consisting of 3 pieces, embellished with Indian sapphire in dark blue color with pearls.

Jewelries embellished with pearls suit all tastes, especially ladies who love casual looks. So our tip for you is to opt for a gold set embellished with colorful pearls to enjoy a practical and casual look and add a touch of elegance and class to it this summer.

We selected for you: Gold set consisting of two pieces embellished with colorful pearls.

Twinkling and sparkling items continue to catch the eyes and yield everybody's admiration. Add a sparkling touch to your look this summer by opting for jewelries embellished with pearls that combine the twinkle of crystals and the serenity of the pearl color.

We offer you: gold set embellished with crystal balls and pearls, consisting of 4 pieces for unparalleled majestic look.

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