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The First 3 Things Women Notice in Your Look… Choose Them Well!

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 18-07-2017

No doubt that all the details of your look are important and contribute in shaping the one you want to show up with.

But fashion experts say that certain details are more likely to catch the eyes than others at the first glance.

Imagine yourself waiting for your friend. Now think: what is the first thing you that will notice about her look?

Well! If you choose these things correctly, your look we be noticeable by those who see you. So, we will guide you following to these things along with some amazing examples in pace with the latest fashion trends, coming to you from our own store: 

  1. The dominating color in your look is the first that catches the eyes

    No matter what kind of a look you are appearing in, the most dominating color  in it will be the first thing that catches the eyes. And whether you are wearing abaya, dress, ensemble or several pieces together in one look, the color of the top piece of your outfit is the first noticed, so choose this color very well  and make sure it suits the nature of your look and your skin tone. We recommend this blouse in eye- catching color from M Missoni.

    Multicolored short blouse for women with short wide sleeves from M Missoni.


    Midi dress printed with patterns, multicolored with long sleeves from Anne Klein.

  2. Your handbag is one of the details that capture the eyes the moment you show up

    Your handbag, whether you are carrying it or hanging on your shoulders is one of the strongest details of your look and instantly catches the eyes. Our tip for you is to opt for striking exquisite handbag such as one in metallic color. Following we will offer you a number of elegant, exquisite and trendy bags from our store:

    Clutch bag made of faux suede, in small size, in nude and beige colors with the name of the trademark written on top from Paris Hilton


    Women handbag in tree leaves pattern made of faux suede, medium size, embellished with a golden piece written on it the name of the from Paris Hilton

  3. Accessories on your hand are some of the elements that intensively attracts the eyes to your look

    When you shake your hands with somebody, and move them to the right and the left, those who are in front of you will notice them immediately; this is why it is very imperative to choose the best accessories to adorn them. We recommend that you opt for the following pieces of bracelets and rings which are in pace with the trends of this season.

    Women ring in wide wrap design and golden color from Michael Kors

    Bracelets in duo design with two layers and light blue color, and another bracelets consisting of several chains in dark blue color, made of leather in wrap design from Endless.

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