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Three Elegant Choices for Chubby Bodies from M Missoni

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 14-07-2017

If you have a chubby body, especially on the top part, no worries dear and do not be confused about what to choose to show up in elegant look. You only have to choose the cut that goes in line with the nature of your body and makes it look splendid and beautiful.

On Sayidaty Mall, we always seek to satisfy your different needs and desires, so we offer you a number of pieces in cheerful colors and wide attractive designs to give you the most satisfying summer look. Stay tuned and opt for the design most close to your taste and nature.

  1. Your first choice is this elegant blouse in a design suitable for ladies with

    wide bosoms or broad shoulders. This design will lend you an elegant look that engulfs the details of your body marvelously, and its intertwined colors will help you appear more graceful and delicate. We recommend that you style it with a skirt in one quiet unified color.

    Blouse in peach color embellished with zigzag pattern in pink color and medium- length wide sleeves from M Missoni.

  2. Our second tip is to opt for a multicolored blouse in longitude patterns to distract the focus on the full chubby top part of your body. We made sure the colors come in cheerful bright shades. Style with it pants in dark color to enjoy a harmonious look.

    Blouse in zigzag pattern, multicolored, short sleeves and round collar from M Missoni.

  3. Our last choice which we offer you is this cardigan in black color with patterned top. The dark color makes you look less full while the colorful top do the same job. We recommend to style with it black jeans to give your look more confidence and allure.

    Women cardigan in front open design, black color, with zigzag pattern and long sleeves from M Missoni.

    Women top in modish multicolored patterns from M Missoni.

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