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For Ladies in Hijab: How to Get an Elegant Look When Traveling?

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 14-07-2017

 In the world of stars and celebrities who follow the rules and basics of fashion and inspire their looks thereof to show up in utmost splendor and glamor, the comfy style with its luxury elegant touch was dominant on their looks especially when traveling.

Actually, we have come to see breath taking looks on stars while traveling much often these days.

Following their footsteps, Sayidaty Mall online shopping store exclusively offers Gulf women and every lady in hijab who want to choose comfy, yet luxury look suitable for travel situations away from the layers style which most women in hijab tend to wear, the following steps to get an elegant look for travel.

  1. First Look:

    If you love the more practical looks characterized with the classic touch, do not wear down yourself wearing several layers. Actually the successful choice for a lady in hijab is a shirt in long sleeves, such as this white shirt. Also opt for shirts and blouses in exceptional elegant designs. This shirt from Femi9 comes in classic collar design embellished with beads in silver color with long sleeves in straps design downward. .

    To feel more comfortable, opt for wide pants that suit your decent look and do not take any chances wearing tight ones.

    We offer you long women pants in off- white color and wide legs design with comfy elastic waistline

  2. Second Look:

    If your trip is long-distance one, opt for the casual style, and your best choice for this is the jumpsuit with cardigan, they are the most suitable outfits for every lady in hijab during travel. It is actually one of the most comfy and practical looks in such situations. Inspired by this style we offer you: long jumpsuit in zigzag pattern in black color and sleeveless from M Missoni

    Why the cardigan then? Because it is one of the most light-weighed pieces that give you freedom to move, more than heavy formal jackets in fact. We offer you this cardigan in long sleeves, front open design, with upturned classic collar and in white and blue with pink colors from Anne Klein.

  3. The necessary accessories for the travel look:

    When you choose your handbags, always opt for the practical ones in terms of their size and carry. But if you love the casual look opt for the cross- body bag like this one in dark blue color printed with colorful floral from LeSportsac.

    And for you ladies who prefer the classic elegance, carry on your hand a bag made of flexible leather with comfy straps to be able to place it on your shoulders in total comfort and to allow you at the same time to include all your travel necessities, such as this big-size bag in red color from Ann Klein.

    Now: what about the comfort of your feet? We recommend one of these two choices: either the converse shoes or sandals as they both give your feet comfort and elegance.

    When you choose sandals opt for the flat ones, and in the event you love to look tall and wear heels opt for the rocky heels. We offer you these sandals in rocky heels made of natural leather inside out, with rubber sole and in bronze color from Della Seta.

    We also offer you sneakers shoes in laser cuts design of Arabic calligraphy, in black color and with shoelace from Aennis Eunis.

  4. For further specified accurate details on any piece you like and want to buy from Sayidaty Mall, all you have to do is click on the photo to know more details. To immediately acquire it please call 800433003.

    Please note that delivery free of charge is only available in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with quality assurance and the integrity of the product guaranteed

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