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Is Your Suitcase Ready for the Summer Resort this Year?

Clothes & Shoes

Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 11-07-2017

Once you decide to prepare your own "Resort Suitcase" each year many questions pop into your mind on what to wear this season to get a comfy, practical and lively look.

Because we do not want you actually to stress yourself much about this issue, here on Sayidaty Mall we provided for you the most amazing modish and chic pieces which you can adopt for unmatched elegance while you are spending fun time at the resort, coming to you in several models and styles to choose from among them what best suits your taste.

What should I wear to get a comfy practical look at the resort?

  1. Jumpsuit

    Jumpsuits are some of the trendy modish choices, and very suitable for the resort because of their simple designs, which usually come in one piece, so our tip for you is to make the jumpsuit an essential piece in your suitcase for the resort.

    Jumpsuit for a morning look on the beach:

    Short jumpsuit in pink color from Mrs. Keepa.


    Jumpsuit for an evening look at the hotel:

    Floor- length sleeveless jumpsuit in black color, embellished with shining silver threads from M Missoni.

  2. Dress

    Dresses are also some of the good summer choices. A dress lends you a youthful lively look, yet attractive at the same time. Summer dresses are mostly characterized with their diversified colors and styles to suit the different body shapes and tastes. Our tip for you is to wear a multicolored dress for a feminine, youthful, alluring and lively look.

    Multicolored dress for a daytime look on the beach:

    Floor- length dress in orange stripes and open back design.

    Dress in pink color for your evening look at the hotel:

    Short dress in pink color made of silk fabric, bare- shoulders design from Pink Salt.

  3. Top with pants made of fabric

    We also recommend that you style a top with fabric pants to enjoy a practical, comfy yet very upscale look at the resort. Tops in general give you the feeling of comfort while pants made of fabric give you the freedom to move easily. So here you are with these following choices:

    Top and pants for a daytime look on the beach:

    Sleeveless women top from M Missoni.


    Women pants in practical design from M Missoni.

    Top and pants for an evening look at the hotel:

    Women top in beige with pink and peach colors from M Missoni.



    Jeans pants in burgundy color from Mat Fashion.

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