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Jewelry Sets Studded with Gemstones for Your Evening Dress

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 11-07-2017

Your luxury evening look is never complete without elegant majestic jewelry sets.

And because Gulf women in particular adore jewelries studded with gemstones which give their looks majestic and amazing touches, and as each gemstone has its own power and distinctive presence, we offer you here on Sayidaty Mall a variety of jewelry sets that will definitely infuse your feelings and enrich your look, along with our tips on how to style them with your dresses.

  1. First: The Allure of Dark Blue Color

    For this look, we selected for you an elegant dress in dark blue color and off- shoulders design. This design is best styled with jewelries in exquisite details. So we picked for you this set designed with studded gemstones and tassels in the same color of your dress for a majestic alluring look.

    Floor- length dress in little puffy design made of taffeta and silk fabric combined, embellished on the chest with floral made of organza fabric studded with crystals, off- shoulders and with back hidden zipper from Ghadeer Afghani.

    Gold jewelry set consisting of 4 pieces, embellished with Indian sapphire in dark blue color and with pearls.

  2. Second: The Luxury of Black with Red Colors

    Black color has its special presence on evening outfits and dresses in particular, so we selected for you this black dress in sophisticated design, styled with a gold set studded with red rubies for a seductive attractive look.

    Floor- length dress made of cotton fabric embellished with sequins, sleeveless and with back zipper.


    Yellow gold set in oval design embellished with red rubies and studded with diamonds.

  3. Third: The Serenity and Beauty of the Turquoise Color

    You also can show up in the look of striking colors or in quiet colors with simple details to prove your good taste and sophisticated wits. So we selected for you this serene quiet look in the turquoise blue color with a delicate jewelry set embellished with turquoise gemstones and studded with diamonds.

    Floor- length evening dress made of satin fabric in bare shoulders design, blue color, long sleeves and embellished on top with beads from Femi9.


    Yellow gold set in oval design embellished with light blue turquoise gemstones and studded with diamonds from Vera Perla.

  4. Fourth: The Majestic Green Color

    Green color enjoys a special majestic presence. If you adore this special color you can opt for this pretty look in green color which consists of puffy dress and emerald set in green color for a fabulous look.

    Floor- length evening dress in puffy design, sleeveless, in off- white and green colors and made of joubert fabric embroidered with floral from Eman AlSuhim.


    Gold jewelry set in oval design embellished with green emeralds and pearls.

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