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Five Distinctive Perfumes to Share with Your Hubby from Surrati

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 10-07-2017

Every time you have the urge to change something in your look to feel happy and renovated, think of getting an exquisite perfume which its sweet smell gives you the air of freshness, glow and renovation.

And now, there is a special thing about the perfumes we are offering for you following, and that is you can get only one type of a perfume allocated for both sexes so that you enjoy with your hubby your own special perfume and increase the harmony and familiarity between you two.

So we provided for you on Sayidaty Mall the 5 best types of the finest perfumes with their characteristic refreshing aroma from Surrati to choose from among them what suits you and your lifetime partner. 

  1. Taraf Perfume

    The scent of vanilla, fruit powder and citrus flowers has an amazing effect and those who love indulgence knows it very well. So our tip for you is to get this magical perfume to experience with your hubby the splendor of feelings

    Taraf spray perfume for both sexes, French eau de perfume with the sweet smell of vanilla, fruit powder and citrus flowers from Surrati.

  2. Kayan Perfume


    In the event you are looking for a perfume to boost the glamor and splendor of both of you and your partner, opt for this special perfume from Surrati, Kayan Perfume for both sexes composed of the most majestic ingredients, including oud, rare floral, citrus and other hot and refreshing compositions. It will full your atmospheres with refreshing air and vitality.

    Kayan Spray Perfume for both sexes, French eau de perfume with the scent of oud and citrus from Surrati

  3. Senmar Perfume

    This is an exquisite perfume with its special blend consisting of white and green flowers and the refreshing citrus aroma, it will give you both fabulous enchanting ambiance.

    Spray Senmar Perfume for both sexes, French eau de perfume with oud and fruit scent from Surrati.

  4. Arabian Nights Perfume

    This perfume, Arabian Nights is mostly characterized with its exquisite compositions including the hot fresh coffee smell and rose wood scent to infuse your senses anew and restore your self-confidence.

    Spray Arabian Nights Perfume for both sexes, French eau de perfume with the concentrated fresh coffee scent and rose wood aroma from Surrati.

  5. Al Rawdah Perfume

    This very special perfume is suitable for women who love the aromatic smell of hot amber, musk, vanilla and wood. Choose this perfume for you and your lifetime partner and make it your special identity to indicate your upscale taste and good choice.

    Al Rawdah Perfume for both sexes, eau de perfume with the hot amber scent, vanilla and wood smell from Surrati.