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Natural Products to Treat Dry Hair during Summer Season

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 10-07-2017

Many women suffer during the summer season from hair issues because of the high weather temperatures and the more frequent use of hair coloring, hair dryers and other treatments, all leading to its dull appearance, dryness and its fast breaking.

To overcome all these problems that affect the beauty of your hair during summertime, we offer you here on Sayidaty Mall the best natural hair care products to give your hair ultra-smoothness and unparalleled shininess, and protect it against the damaging sun rays so that you enjoy a perfect look with pretty healthy hair.

  1. Stay Smooth Enviro Lotion from CHI, 355 ml

    For a smooth untangled manageable frizzy and dry free hair we offer you: Stay Smooth Enviro lotion contains pearls and silk to strengthen the hair from its roots, prevent its tangling and give it further shine from CHI

  2. Smoothing Serum from CHI, 59 ml to smooth the hair

    When your hair gets dry it will further break and splits at the ends. To overcome this problem and enjoy a beautiful healthy hair apply this Smoothing Serum Enviro to smooth curly hair.

  3. CHI Mask with Tea Tree Oil and Menthol

    Give your hair further suppleness by maintaining its hydration levels and boosting its resistance to high temperatures using this CHI Mask with Tea Tree Oil and Menthol. It will revive its moisture and give it ultra-suppleness while maintaining its strength and bounciness by building anti-damage layer around it. 

  4. Black Seed Oil Conditioner from Karadashian Beauty.

    If you use hair dryers frequently, our tip for you is to use this conditioner that protects your hair from the heat of styling tools, smooth it and maintains its hydration for a flowing shining and amazing hair.

  5. CHI Helmet Head Spray

    Dryness causes loss of shiny hair, so restore to your hair its shine and vitality by using this spray to protect it against heat and give it extra shine. It treats hair spilt ends, prevents its dryness and reduces its curly appearance. 

  6. It is essential to know how to cover your hair strands against the damaging sun rays just like protecting the skin by using sunscreen creams.

    Our tip for you is to use this product made of herbal extracts, oils and honey. It protects against the damaging sun rays, dust and humidity by forming a protecting layer around it to prevent dryness and rebuild its strands thanks to its composition of essential oils, making your hair more healthy and shining from Khan Al Saboun.

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