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New Ramadan Offers on Oriental Fragrances from Sayidaty Mall

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 11-06-2017

Any woman's look and allure is not complete without a special perfume that makes her smell sweet and good, and attracts everyone around to her beautiful selection, her classy taste and distinctive personality. This is why we provided for you here on Sayidaty Mall the finest and most amazing collection of perfumes which we have chosen from the best and widespread famous international brands.

Just go straight ahead to our online store to opt for what best suits you of unmatched fragrances for your different Ramadan occasions, with the best offers.

  1. Black and Pink Perfume

    With the majestic aroma of sandalwood, and the delicacy of mandarin and oranges, we offer you the exquisite Black and Pink Perfume for women which come in the smell of plum, jasmine, and Bulgarian roses with the fixed base of amber and vanilla aroma.

  2. Ola Perfume

    This perfume comes in citrus aroma, the best for summertime because of its softness and quietness, and very much suitable for the body during the hot weather.

    We offer you: the summer Ola Perfume with the aroma of citrus, and green and white flowers from Surrati.

  3. Majesty Perfume

    This perfume is characterized with its sophisticated French aroma, comes in the smell of berries, musk, silkolid, violet rose, vanilla and amber.

    We offer you: the French eau du perfume Majesty Perfume for women, in refreshing sweet smell from RoseMary Paris.

  4. Oud Sharqia Perume

    For ladies who have passion for oriental fragrances, especially perfumes that come in oud fragrance to express the majestic air, we offer you: Oud Sharqia Perfume, eau du perfume spray for both sexes, made of the finest kinds of oudwood with amber and roses from Surrati

  5. Zoella Perfume

    During working hours and daytime outings, our tip for you is to enjoy a soft refreshing smell.

    We offer you: this elegant Sweet Inspiration women perfume inspired from the scrummy scent of sweet macarons from Zoella.

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