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Abayas in Quiet Pastel Shades for a Perfect Ramadan Look for Brunettes


Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 08-06-2017

Recently, the colorful abaya trend emerged and spread on a large scale on the fashion scene, prompting designers to compete to offer the finest colors, the prettiest designs and the most amazing embroideries.

We on the other hand, recommend that brunettes and dark skin tone ladies opt for light, quiet colors, or pastel shades as they are called. Such colors have an amazing ability to add special splendor to their looks, and this is exactly what fashion experts recommend actually.

Here on our one and only Sayidaty Mall provided for you some classy abayas in pastel shades for a delicate quiet look that will definitely turn all head towards you in total admiration. Choose what best suits your taste to charm everybody with your beauty.

  1. Quiet Peachy Color

    Floor- length women abaya in front open design, two long sleeves, made of cotton and polo and stretch fabrics combined in peachy color from Rana Ismail.

  2. Beige and Turquoise Colors

    Women abaya in front open design, made of linen fabric in beige color, embroidered with gemstones and threads in turquoise color, two tight long sleeves from Lady Vogue.

  3. The Angelic White Color

    Casual women abaya in front open design, white color, two long sleeves from Louzan.

  4. The Classy Beige Color

    Women abaya in front open design made of light soft cotton fabric, beige color with stripped and embroidered neckline in white color, two long sleeves from Glory D'Arabia.

  5. The Pink Color

    Women abaya in pink color, made of crepe and organza fabrics, designed in several layers shaped as triangles downward and with two long sleeves from Abeer Al Suwaidi.

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