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With or Without Hijab during Ramadan: Delicate Feminine Dresses from Femi9

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 07-06-2017

At all times, women try to look their best in elegant alluring looks, sometimes in understate style especially during Ramadan. Therefore, they diligently look for delicate, simple yet upscale designs.

Do not bother yourself dear and look hard because we here on Sayidaty Mall provided for you the prettiest designs of delicate dresses in neutral colors from the famous brand Femi9 to enjoy a classy look just like global stars who opt for understated simple looks to show up on the red carpet, and very much suitable for ladies with or without hijab. Just go straight ahead to our store and choose what best suits your sophisticated taste. 

  1. Delicate, Simple Designs for Ladies in Hijab

    Floor- length dress in kimono design, light pink color, two long sleeves, embellished with ties on the trims and embroidered with lace from Femi9 to enjoy a classy look especially when styled with hijab in light grey color.

    Floor- length dress embellished with floral prints, two long sleeves and in white and dark blue colors from Femi9 for a harmonious, classy look for all lovers of roses.  We recommend that you style with it hijab in pink color.

  2. Delicate, Simple Designs for Ladies without Hijab

    Soft dress in off- shoulders design, light blue color, embellished with laced fabric and two medium- length sleeves from Femi9

    Floor- length dress in dark blue color, embellished with sequins on the front and back, two medium- length sleeves from Femi9

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