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Sophisticated Looks in Casual Abayas for College Girls during Ramadan

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 07-06-2017

Abaya in particular enjoys special status for every Gulf girl and woman as it lends her look modest, yet majestic air. But abayas in general differ in their designs according to the occasion and the place you are going to, therefore we have special abayas for university looks mostly characterized with their practicality and comfort.

Lest you search hard for abaya in such specifications, and get confused about choosing the best, we provided for you dear college girl here on Sayidaty Mall expansive collection of the most upscale casual abayas from the most famous international brand that will definitely add special splendor to your look in the holy month, Stay Tuned and See More!

  1. First: Our Choices from Glory D'Arabia brand

    If you want a noticeable design of abaya with front pockets we recommend that you opt for this one embellished as well with its modern pretty floral patterns. Style with it hijab in white color for a delicate look during Ramadan.

    Front- open design abaya made of stretch fabric in light grey color with front pockets in black color, embroidered with 3D floral patterns and with two folded long sleeves from Glory D'Arabia

    But in the event you love bright cheerful colors, opt for this classy abaya, style with it yellow or orange scarf.

    Women abaya in front open design, in dark blue color and two long sleeves, embroidered with colorful threads shaped as roses on the trims of the sleeves from Glory D'Arabia.

  2. Second: Our Choices from Rana Ismail Brand

    If you want a cheerful radiant yet delicate morning look, opt for this front open design in peachy color for a quiet look during Ramadan

    Floor- length front-open abaya design, two long sleeves, made of cotton, polo and stretch fabrics combined in peachy color from Rana Ismail.


    But in the event you want to show up in special casual look in abaya casted over jeans pants, here you are with this abaya in modern design and colors.

    Floor- length front- open abaya design stripped with white and grey colors, two long sleeves and made of cotton, polo and stretch fabrics combined from Rana Ismail.

  3. Third: Our Choices from Lady Vogue

    This abaya however will suit your special look with its distinctive sophisticated modern design, thus making it the best for your college occasions during Ramadan.

    Women abaya in front- open design made of linen fabric in beige color, embroidered with threads and gemstones in turquoise color and with two tight long sleeves from Lady Vogue.

    This abaya meanwhile, comes in phenomenal unique design almost like a stylish dress, lending your appearance very upscale, sophisticated and distinctive college look.

    Women abaya in ruffles design made of crepe fabric in dark blue color with joubert and linen fabric in beige color embellished with a belt on the waistline and two tight long sleeves from Lady Vogue.

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