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How to Apply Delicate Makeup for a Natural Look during Daytime in Ramadan?

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 05-06-2017

Your look in Ramadan has a kind of private, special features which must be taking into consideration when styling it. Such features include the face to look quiet, simple and sophisticated in a makeup almost like a natural one.

But applying a makeup that is almost natural is an art in itself which every woman and girl must know and master so that her look becomes appropriate to the atmospheres of the holy month. The ultimate goal for applying natural makeup is to highlight the natural beauty of your face while covering the small flaws on it.

Following we will offer you a number of simple steps so that you get the natural look you are seeking for by using the best and most proper products that will help you apply your makeup easily.

Steps to Apply Almost Natural Makeup

1- After cleansing your skin apply the foundation cream on your face, use a tissue to remove the excessive cream of the edges and eyebrows. The foundation cream unifies the tone of your skin and we recommend that you use light spray makeup suitable for Ramadan from Rodial.

Spray foundation cream that moisturizes the skin, colorless, contains hyaluronic acid to cover wrinkles and impurities, apply on the face before makeup from Rodial

2- For a perfect ideal skin in natural look, opt for concealer in a shade lighter than the color of your foundation to cover black circles, buttons and black spots. Concealers are used to hide the flaws of the skin from Rodial.

This small size concealer will give your face a perfect look and will cover all impurities effortlessly with long lasting effect. It is light-weighed on the skin and gives it a natural appearance from Rodial

3- Opt for light kohl and mascara; apply both gently on your eyes without overstating to get that almost natural look.  Choose the color of kohl to suit your eyes and face from Provoc.

Permanent kohl no. 86 in brown color from Provoc


Immortal lash mascara in black color from Rodial

Mascara to naturally lengthen and separate the lashes, enlarges the size of the eyes, in non-gloss black color with day-long effect 7ml from Rodial.

4- For your cheeks opt for light pink color to get this natural look. Apply with understated delicate touch.

Ideal blusher to finalize the makeup application, soft and smooth on the skin and gives it natural shine, absorbs oils from greasy skin and in pink color by Rodial.

5- For your lips the same principles apply, you can either opt for colorless lip gloss, or transparent lip balm in a color closer to the color of your lips. Try this lip gloss from Lipstick Queen.

Belle pink lip balm gloss and moisturizer from the rich nourishing collection Belle Epoque, contains Omega 3 and 6 and 9 in addition to vitamin E and Shea butter to prevent dryness of the lips and further hydrate it, in pink color by Lipstick Queen.

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