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Our Tips to Select Matching Accessories for Your Looks in Ramadan


Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 05-06-2017

Ornaments and accessories lend the look of a woman much sophistication at any given time, but more specifically during Ramadan.

So, today we will unveil to you the most prominent and prettiest accessories so that you get an elegant and quiet touch during your different Ramadan occasions.

Get whatever you like from Sayidaty Mall where we provided for you a wide collection of the finest upscale accessories from the trendiest international fashions, mostly oriental, along with our tips on how to style them with your different looks to get unparalleled elegance.  

  1. Accessories in Vintage Style

    It is confirmed: accessories in Vintage style absolutely suit your looks in Ramadan and lend them sophistication, and delicate oriental touch. They were spotted on a large scale during the season's fashion shows.

    If you love the fifties and sixties fashions our tip for you is to opt for the vintage style by choosing two big earrings in round circles, and semi- circles designs embellished with sparkle and gemstones and inspired from the good old days fashion.

    We offer you: two long earrings, hand embellished with Swarovski crystals, backed with deer suede from Wafa by Wafa.

  2. Accessories in Fringes Style

    On the steps of stars, we recommend that you opt for accessories in fringe style this season: it will lend your look a classy Arabian touch.

    We offer you: women pendant, long and hand embroidered with sequins and beads, made of velvet with hanging silk tassels, backed with deer suede from Wafa by Wafa.

  3. Accessories in Wrap Style

    If you are untraditional woman, love the modern casual and bold style, our tip for you is to opt for the Wrap accessories which come in several layers: it will definitely suits you but make sure to choose them embellished with geometric floral ornaments to enjoy an attractive oriental touch during Ramadan.

    We offer you: Women bracelet in Wrap design in several layers, made of leather in black and blue colors and embellished with strass from Endless

  4. Accessories in Gemstones and Ornaments Style

    Because accessories play a key role in lending any look an eye- catching oriental touch, especially rings with decorated lines and embellished with gemstones, we recommend that you adopt the look wearing jalabiya or abaya during the holy month.

    We offer you: women ring made of rhodium gold 18 carat embellished with black diamond and Tsavorite or green gamet as it called, from Glow Diamonds     

  5. Accessories in Floral Motifs Style

    Classic patterns emerged big time this season, including floral motifs (flowers and tree leaves) but with exquisite modern style. Our tip for you is to embrace the trend and enjoy chic oriental touch.

    We offer you: women wristwatch with leather bracelet in black and silver color, black mina from Van Der Bauwede

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