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15 Minutes to Attend to Your Beauty during Ramadan and Enjoy Unmatched Glow on Eid Day

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 05-06-2017

We totally know that you want to enjoy a fresh lively skin especially on Eid day, so we recommend that you dedicate 15 minutes of you time daily to take care off and attend to your skin using natural ingredients rich with nourishing elements that your skin badly needs.

Sayidaty Mall always offers you the best and finest skincare products, very affective and active, and we will also provide for you some important tips so that you enjoy a young skin on Eid day. All you have to do is just apply these tips and choose the finest skin care products from our store.

  1. First Step: Facial Wash to Lighten the Skin Tone

    The first step you need to do twice a day, in the morning and in the evening is to use facial wash, a step actually very much neglected by many women. Our tip for you is to use this facial wash on a daily basis to relieve your skin of the excessive oils and clean the pores.

    We offer you: gentle facial wash enhanced with vitamins formula, especially vitamin C and Aloe Vera extract, helps in lightening the skin tone and gives it a radiant appearance from Obagi.

  2. Second Step: Hydration

    Right after you wash your face in the morning our tip for you is to take advantage of the open clean pores and moisturize them perfectly to enjoy a supple skin and get rid of the dryness and fine lines.

    We offer you: moisturizing and nourishing facial cream enhanced with antioxidants, protects the skin against damaging factors, and contains vitamin C, available in 50 grams pack from Meditree.

  3. Third Step: Cleansing the Skin

    At around midday, use active skin cleanser, then nourish your skin with collagen to enjoy unmatched radiance and diminish fine lines.

    We offer you: serum extracted from kakadu plum which produces collagen, protects the skin, contains vitamin c and antioxidants rich with Aloe Vera and Chamomile, available in a pack of 30 grams from Meditree

  4. Fourth Step: Remove Skin Sagging

    In the evening however, our tip for you is to shape (actually sculpt) your face and remove all skin sagging by using the revolutionary sculpt gel which helps in defining the features and borders of your face. It contains Dragon Blood which forms a protective layer almost like your skin to protect it against harmful outside factors and limits redness and infections from Rodial.  

  5. Fifth Step: Eye Care

    Your eyes are the secret of your beauty therefore we recommend that you take good care of them in the evening in particular, by using a special serum for the area around the eyes to boost its radiance and diminish black circles.

    We offer you: gel for the area around the eyes, conceals wrinkles, and restores back to this specific area its vitality and freshness to enjoy unparalleled radians. It is very effective and enhanced with a sweet distinctive smell, removes fine lines and fatigue signs, from Petit Jardin Milano.

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