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Take Care of Your Hair during Ramadan with Natural Products Active with the Extract of White Truffles

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 04-06-2017

Because every woman's hair is her own crown, she is always looking for active products to take care of it, especially during Ramadan.

So, we do not want you to bother yourself and look hard, therefore we provided for you here on Sayidaty Mall the finest hair products, very healthy and natural, rich with vitamins that are very essential for the health of your hair, extracted specifically from white truffles.

Choose what best suits you from this expansive collection available for you here on our online store so that you enjoy a strong, healthy and attractive hair that will definitely set all eyes on you!

* The benefits of the black seed (or black cumin as it called sometimes) and white truffles for the hair

The black seed contains many important vitamins for the health of your hair including vitamins A, B1, B6 and B12 in addition to proteins and salts, potassium, sodium and magnesium. Meanwhile, white truffles contain iron, zinc, copper, and other essential vitamins to protect the hair.

* Hair Products with White Truffles

Vitamins have key role in maintaining the health of hair and its treatment, and give it phenomenal vitality. Our tip for you is to use hair products extracted from white truffles, very rich with these vitamins.

  1. For a Strong Soft Hair, the White Truffles and Caviar Mask

    To get a strong hair with robust shining strands opt for nourishing complements and essential vitamins on a regular basis.

    We offer you: white truffles and caviar mask with the mix of beans proteins, quinoa and water to give your hair unparalleled bounciness and shininess, while the complex of several proteins will strengthen the fibers from the inside. It also contains vitamin B5 to enhance the thickness of the hair, from Show Beauty.

  2. Serum to rebuild the Hair with White Truffles

    To enjoy a smooth soft hair, we recommend that you use this serum extracted from white truffles to rebuild the hair anew, it will strengthen it and make it healthy in a short time.

    We offer you: moisturizing and treating serum with a light-weighed formula containing white truffles and pearls. It rebuilds the hair and treats its splitting ends without leaving any residuals or accumulations from CHI

  3. Shampoo Made of White Truffles to Treat Damaged Hair

    We offer you here on Sayidaty Mall this shampoo to treat damaged hair from Show Beauty, extracted from white truffles, caviar and Shea butter. It restores to your hair the normal hydrating levels with its unique composition. It also contains vitamin B5 that penetrates into the depth of the hair fibers to give it ideal strength and exceptional shininess and brightness.

  4. Hair Nourishing Balsam with White Truffles

    Many times hair loses its vitality and is exposed to falling when frequently washed; hair experts recommend that we do not wash our hair on a daily basis.

    To maintain its health we recommend that you use nourishing balsam.

    We offer you this hair nourishing balsam with white truffles, caviar and Shea butter extracts for a perfect ideal nourishment of the hair and a complete care. It is characterized with its light formula, and gives hair renewed shininess and ideal hydration from Show Beauty.

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