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Our Tips for a Modish Sophisticated Look in Jalabiya during Ramadan

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 04-06-2017

No doubt that every oriental woman loves jalabiya especially for Ramadan occasions.

We will offer you following the prettiest jalabiyas in a sophisticated and modern style from the most intensive summer show 2017.  Just go straight to our one and only Sayidaty Mall where we provided for you the latest trends of jalabiyas in abaya style.

Choose what best suit your taste provided for you with the best offers, we will also introduce to you a collection of upscale accessories to match your look in jalabiya for unparalleled modern, oriental appearance.

  1. First Look

    We will offer to you following two modern designs from the latest shows of the season customized as shirt dress.

    We offer you: floor- length jalabiya in shirt collar design, embroidered with roses in light pink color from Abaya Najed.

    And for an eye- catching modern style we recommend that you opt for a small modern handbag in daring design.

    We offer you: women handbag in bronze color, shoulder strap in silver color, embellished with graphics shaped as eye-glasses with additional handle made of leather from Three O for a modish look.

    Jalabiya in Light Pink Color from Abaya Najed


    Women Handbag with Silver Chain from Three O

  2. Second Look

    For a sophisticated look in modern touch, opt for jalabiya in dominant cut and in line with the latest fashion lines. We recommend that you opt for a piece in phenomenal sleeves.

    We offer you: jalabiay in black and grey colors, two wide sleeves in laced pattern from Lady Vogue.

    And for a modern look go for the trending metallic colors, especially in darker shades, and opt for shoes made of shining leather in silver color with laser cuts and stiletto heels from Aennis Eunis.

    Women Jalabiay in Black and Grey Colors from Lady Vogue.

    Stiletto Shoes in Silver Color from Aennis Eunis

  3. Third Look

    Enjoy a most elegant look with a colorful bright touch full of silver embroidery by opting for jalabiya in Moroccan design and peach color from Lady Vogue.

    And to make your look further modern, opt for two long earrings with the trending tassels design and hand- embellished with Swarovski crystals and sequins from Wafa by Wafa.

    Women Jalabiya in Peach Color from Lady Vogue

    Two Long Earrings in Nude Color from Wafa by Wafa

  4. Fourth Look

    For you ladies who love French elegance, our tip for you is to opt for jalabiya embellished with two pieces to keep pace with the gilet style, and with a short jacket to enjoy unparalleled upscale and majestic look during Ramadan occasions.

    We offer you: casual jalabiya embellished on the top with short lace designed as gilet in white color from Effa.

    For further modern touch, opt for clutch bag with broad front handles.

    We offer you: women clutch bag made of natural leather with silver handles from LYA LYA

    Floor- Length Jalabiya in White Color from Effa

    Grip Clutch Bag in Black Color from LYA LYA

  5. Fifth Look

    The Hip-Hop and Bohemian trends were widespread in many fashion shows this season. To enjoy a delicate look opt for jalabiya, shoes and bag in intertwined colors and patterns to suggest randomness.

    We selected for you: formal jalabiya embellished on the neckline with crystals and beads, in snowy blue color from Black Swan Couture.

    For a modish touch we selected for you: high heels shoes in denim fabric design embellished with colorful patterns from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Jalabiya in Snowy Blue Color from Black Swan Couture

    High Heels Prism Shoes Made of Denim Fabric by SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.

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