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Seven Steps to Treat Skin Dryness in Ramadan

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 01-06-2017

Your skin needs continuous care especially during summertime and further extra care during Ramadan off course, because your body loses very much water as a result of the heat of the sun and fasting.

This is why you badly need to use active skin products to moisturize your skin and avoid its dryness which accelerates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Following Sayidaty Mall offers you the best skincare products of the most famous and best international brands to enjoy a most fresh, lively and young skin.

  1. Facial Moisturizing Mask

    For summer, and the fasting month our tip for you is to use moisturizing mask to compensate hydration, water and oils. So, we offer you this very active product that moisturizes the skin in the depths, prevent cracks and gives it long-lasting hydration.

    We offer you: Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Mask from Rodial, contains hyaluronic acid and tensors, fills the fine lines and wrinkles immediately and reliefs dry skin with in-depth hydration.

  2. Facial Moisturizing Cream

    Using the mask twice a week will hydrates the skin in the depths, but this is not enough actually, you must use moisturizing cream 3 times a day to maintain your skin lively and young.

    We offer you: moisturizing and nourishing facial cream with antioxidant ingredients and vitamin C, and protects the skin from damaging factors from Meditree.

  3. Neck Moisturizing Mask

    For a whole complete beauty, you must take care of your neck as neglecting this part of the body will make you look older as a result of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Give your neck the proper care to look smooth, delicate and moisturized and to maintain its appearance tight and young.

    We offer you: neck mask that moisturizes the skin deeply, contains amino acid and wheat proteins to tighten the skin from Rodial. Use this cream twice a week.

  4. Hydrating the Area around the Eyes

    The skin under your eyes is very sensitive to dryness, and very much prone to the appearance of black circles and fine lines. So it is very important to apply special creams to it, rich in vitamin C to restore vitality to the area around your eyes.

    We offer you: moisturizing cream dedicated for the skin under the eyes to give it freshness and hydration, it also removes black circles and fine lines from Obagi. Apply twice a day.

  5. Moisturizing the Body with Smart Formula

    In summertime, the skin of your body suffers very much exhaustion which increases with the effect of fasting. Therefore we recommend that you apply after each shower moisturizing cream very rich with oils and contains ethanol to help renovate the skin cells, and to boost the production of collagen and elastin.

    We offer you: body moisturizing cream from Rodial enhanced with diamond powder for in-depth hydration and tightening the skin. This cream lends you skin tightened and young appearance, defines the shape of the body and gives the skin a soft and smooth texture from Rodial

  6. Delicate Lotion for Daily Hydration

    Enjoy in the morning a most smooth soft texture of your skin, and moisturize it using this lotion for nourishment and hydration so it becomes healthier.

    We offer you: body cream 100 percent bio and natural, free of gluten and contains a complex of the amazing Omega 3 and 9, works with bio quinoa, Rahua Ungurahua Oil, and Sasa Oil in addition to other natural ingredients from Rahua.

  7. Hydrating the Hands and Nails

    Your hands are the most exposed to dryness and to changing its color during the summer, the nails also get cracked. So use this super cream to lend your hands extra softness like marshmallow. It maintains the skin and restores its glow and beauty from MOR

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