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The Best Facial Cleansers and Exfoliators for a Clear Skin during Ramadan

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 01-06-2017

To enjoy a splendid glowing look a woman must always care for her beauty. And because during Ramadan she makes double efforts and gets very exhausted and tired her skin also is affected during the holy month and needs extra care, therefore we selected for you the best beauty cosmetics to cleanse your skin and make it further clear, pure, lively and beautiful.

Choose what you need and want from Sayidaty Mall where we provided for you the best skincare products from the best international brands that are guaranteed to suit your skin very much.

  1. Sponge for facial cleansing: ideal to cleanse mixed and oily skin from Konjac Sponge.

    This sponge is ideal to cleanse mixed and oily skin, the forehead, the nose and chin, comes in T shape and made of French green mud, reduces pores and unifies skin tone, renovates damaged cells, removes impurities and toxins off the skin and makes it smoother and more refreshed. Wet the sponge with little water to get the ultimate levels of skincare results from Konjac Sponge.  

  2. Daily Purifying Facial Wash from Urban Veda.

    This facial wash infused with active vital plants including wild mint, eucalyptus and hamamelis. It removes toxins off the tired skin and is designed on Ayurvedic principles to cleanse and purify the skin. It also works as an active anti-bacterial element, treats black heads, removes toxins and limits excessive shininess of the skin From Urban Veda

  3. Super Acids X-treme After Party Scrub from Rodial

    3 in 1 microscopic scrub designed to smooth, renovate and lighten the skin tone from first use. Consists of an active mix of Bentonite clay grains and microscopic scrub grains that smoothly slides on the skin to remove dead cells and open the pores. Contains glycolic acid and willow to cleanse and renovate the skin in-depth, removes impurities and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains vitamin E, Shea butter to smooth, calm and hydrates the skin. Its probiotic technology (biotilys®) helps in strengthening and protecting the skin against damaging outside factors, making it instantly further active, glowing and balanced from Rodial.

  4. Age Defying Priming from Tria

    Removes makeup residuals cleanser and impurities that block the track of the laser beams, it also works to protect the skin against sun rays and exfoliates the skin gently making it more glowing, clean, soft and hydrated from Tria

  5. Super Acids X-treme Exfoliating Glycolic Cleanser

    It works as cleanser and exfoliator with its intensive harmless formula. It balances the oil levels on the skin and improves its texture. Contains advanced mix of fruit acids, enzymes, and pure glycolic acid to cleanse the skin in-depth and purify the pores as well as to lighten the skin tone from Rodial

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