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The Prettiest Kaftans of the Trendiest Fashion of the Season for a Classy Elegance during Ramadan

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 01-06-2017

Moroccan kaftan is mostly characterized with its own individual style.

Indeed it makes a woman look like a crowned queen on the throne of elegance; this is why international fashion houses compete to design the most exquisite and latest styles of Moroccan kaftans.

This season however, we noticed a big tendency toward the latest modish styles of these kaftans and they represent one of the best choices for Ramadan evenings and feasts, and became actually the best alternative for evening dresses because they lend a woman a classy and majestic look.

Following we will offer you the prettiest styles of Moroccan kaftans, in attractive embroideries and inspiring modish designs that will definitely make you a shining star with oriental upscale features.

  1. First: Kaftans for Formal Looks

    It seems that the commonly known kaftan in its delicate exquisite embroidery and its wide elegant belt is your best choice during your formal Ramadan occasions; therefore, here you are with these two following options in the most splendid designs and the prettiest colors.

    - White Kaftan for a Royal Look

    Floor- length kaftan in Moroccan design made of silk fabric in off- white color, hand- embroidered with Swarovski from Diva Collection

    Pink Kaftan for a Delicate Luxury Look

    Formal Moroccan kaftan in delicate light pink color, designed with silky crepe fabric, embellished with silver lace adorned with pearls, can be worn with or without belt and in two long sleeves from Black Swan Couture.

    - Kaftan in Yellow Color for a Glamorous Look

    Floor- length Moroccan kaftan for a glowing royal look in yellow color, designed in velvet fabric, hand- embroidered with colorful beads with a belt on the waistline and two long sleeves from Diva Collection.

  2. Second: Kaftans in Modish Renovated Cuts

    Moroccan kaftans feature amazing and renovated designs and became most favored by girls and women alike, and by ladies who love change and showing up in eye- catching look that combines modernity and simplicity at the same time. Here you are with these two sophisticated styles:

    Grey Kaftan in Bizarre Design for a Modish Look

    Moroccan kaftan made of coarse linen fabric in grey color, embroidered with Afghan roses, two long sleeves and belt in golden color by Abaya Najed.

    Blue Satin Kaftan for a Delicate Feminine Look

    Floor- length kaftan in bare- shoulders design and blue color, two long sleeves from Femi9.

    Open- Front Youthful Kaftan in Turquoise Color

    Floor- length kaftan in new youthful cut, hand- embroidered with colorful beads, front open design with two long sleeves and in turquoise color from Diva Collection.

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