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For a Majestic Elegance during Ramadan, Abayas in Bright Colors from Sayidaty Mall

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 31-05-2017

Finally! It is summertime, but as always it comes with its hot weathers so we recommend that you opt for the bright spring colors in fancy pastel shades as they are very suitable for your Ramadan evenings.

Do not go far looking for what best suits your high-class taste because we made available for you here on our online store the prettiest and most upscale abayas of the trendiest fashion of the season in bright beautiful colors.

Shop now from Sayidaty Mall where you can find a wide range of the finest upscale, modish and elegant abayas.

  1. Abaya in White Color

    The color white has a special attractiveness and splendor. It is very popular this season 2017 so our tip for you is to opt for a fashionable abaya in this quiet color.

    For a summer look full of radiance and majestic we offer you from Ramadan shows: women casual abaya in white color, front open design and long sleeves, from Louzan.

  2. Abaya in Beige Color

    Embrace this summer a most lively look by opting for abaya in beige color with chic embroideries to add a touch of modernity to its design.

    We offer you: tight women abaya in beige color and front open design made of linen fabric and embroidered with threads in turquoise color and with two long sleeves from Lady Vogue.

  3. Abaya in Pistachio Color

    Pastel colors has a special magical air therefore we selected for you abaya in this sophisticated color with a majestic oriental touch.

    We offer you: women abaya made of crepe fabric in pistachio color and front open design, embellished on the front with crochet flowers in black color with pearls and two long sleeves, from Hana Samman.

  4. Abaya in Pink Color

    We are not overstating when we say this color is one of the most pretty feminine colors ever. Our tip for you is to opt for abaya in this chic pink color to enjoy a sophisticated look full of femininity.

    We offer you: women abaya with a hat in pink and white color, hand- embroidered with sparkling crystals on the shoulders and the hat, from Haifa Fahad

  5. Abaya in Blue Color

    We noticed that designers this season adopted the color blue in all its shades that suggest serenity and freshness in many designs so that you enjoy unparalleled look.

    We offer you: women abaya in blue color and front open design, embroidered with colorful threads shaped as roses on the front with two long sleeves from Glory D'Arabia.

  6. Abaya in Grey Color

    Grey color has always enjoyed its special impact on a look. And when styled with a pastel color, your look will further become majestic and sophisticated.

    We offer you: casual women abaya in shades of grey and white made of crepe fabric in front open design and two long wide sleeves that end tight on the edges, from Louzan.

  7. Abaya in Yellow Color

    This exquisite color is the symbol of the bright shining spring.

    For a unique charismatic look our tip for you is to opt for summer abaya in the two intertwined colors yellow and black for an upscale elegance.

    We offer you: women abaya made of crepe fabric in black color embellished on the front with checkered fabric in yellow color and with two long sleeves from Hana Samman.

  8. For further specified accurate details on any piece you like and want to buy from Sayidaty Mall, all you have to do is click on the photo to know more details. To immediately acquire it please call 800433003.

    Please note that delivery free of charge is only available in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with quality assurance and the integrity of the product guaranteed.

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