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New Arrivals on Sayidaty Mall: Expanded Collection for Your Elegance during Ramadan

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 31-05-2017

Now and always we care so much that you look elegant at all seasons dear, especially during Ramadan. So we provided for you here on Sayidaty Mall expanded collection of our own and special new arrivals of women fashions, shoes and bags to choose from among them what best suits your high-class taste from our special exclusive Ramadan offers.

All it takes to grab the chance and own them is to go straight ahead to our online store and select from the finest international brands and the newest shows for spring/ summer season 2017 what makes your look the prettiest and most splendid especially during Ramadan evenings.

  1. Dresses with Oriental Touches

    Definitely you will find here on Sayidaty Mall expanded collection of elegant dresses in sophisticated designs and oriental touches very much suitable for Gulf women.

    We offer you: this floor- length dress in bare- shoulders design and violet color embroidered with threads in orange color by Femi9.

  2. Women Bisht for Ramadan

    Nothing can beat an Arabian look during Ramadan! Therefore we provided for you on our store a collection of sophisticated women Bisht so that you enjoy an oriental, yet modish look at the same time.

    We offer you women bisht in abaya design made of cotton and polyester fabrics combined in white color, embellished with lace on the front and edges with blue and golden colors, and in two long sleeves by Black Swan Couture.

  3. Modern Jackets

    Jackets are some of the very comfy and practical pieces, very much suitable for a working woman. Every woman is keen on owning such a piece especially during Ramadan.

    We provided for you here on our store upscale sophisticated jackets from the latest designs embellished with fringes to spell out the oriental elegance.

    We offer you: short women jacket in white color made of satin fabric, two long sleeves embellished on the trims with buttons from the collection Oz by Mwinda.

  4. Sophisticated Women Ensemble

    If you love a bold, individual and characteristic look, be joyful and happy now because we provided for you the latest most fabulous designs in trendy modish cuts.

    We offer you: casual women ensemble made of polyester fabric and consists of two pieces: a jacket in open-sides design with two long sleeves, and black pants in skinny design from Pink Salt.

  5. Wide Pants

    This season wide pants designed in flowing colorful legs were widespread, and they actually put their intensive mark on the catwalks, so we recommend that you opt for one to suit your decent modest look.

    We offer you: floor- length women pants in wide design and in white with beige colors combined made of linen fabric, from the collection Oz by Mwinda.

  6. Tops and Upscale Blouses

    Enjoy a most delicate and classy style by opting for the trendiest tops, blouses and shirts of the finest fashions of the season just arrived recently to our store.

    We selected for you: short women top in off- white color, sleeveless and with round neckline embellished with beads from Femi9.

  7. Evening Dresses

    And for your fun and joyful Ramadan evenings opt for what's appropriate for you to show up in classy sophisticated look that makes all eyes set on you.

    We offer you: midi evening dress in grey color made of taffeta and satin fabrics, embellished with embroidered tulle fabric downward, with a belt and attached extra piece connected from the middle down along the dress from Zahra Ahmed.

  8. Shoes and Bags

    In the majestic accessories and lace fabric we offer you this pretty collection of shoes and bags from our new arrivals, very much characterized with its modish and sophisticated touches.

    We offer you: high heels women shoes embellished with sparkling ornaments on its pointed front from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.


    Women handbag in bronze color with shoulder strap in silver color, embellished with brown flowers and colorful jewelries and leather from Three O.

  9. For further specified accurate details on any piece you like and want to buy from Sayidaty Mall, all you have to do is click on the photo to know more details. To immediately acquire it please call 800433003.

    Please note that delivery free of charge is only available in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with quality assurance and the integrity of the product guaranteed.

    وللحصول على تفاصيل حول أي قطعة تنال إعجابكِ من "سيدتي مول"، وتودين شراءها، كل ما عليكِ فعله، هو الضغط على الصورة، واقتناؤها فوراً، وذلك بالاتصال على الرقم التالي: 800433003 مع العلم أن التوصيل فقط إلى السعودية، والإمارات، وخدمة الشحن مجانية، مع ضمان جودة المنتج وسلامته.

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