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Spoil Yourself with These Products during Ramadan

Beauty & Makeup

Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 29-05-2017

Women work double effort during the holy month of Ramadan on both the physical and mental levels with the many tasks they are entrusted to do, including feasts and preparing meals for guests, in addition to the social visits and the religious rituals that must be performed. All these exhausting tasks make a woman prone to tiredness in the evening and thus the bad need to get enough rest and relaxation to renovate her energy and strength. And above all, she needs to be pampered, some luxury and the feeling that she is a female, a woman indeed. Therefore, we will guide you here on Sayidaty Mall to some exquisite, amazing products to care for your skin and enjoy a relaxing bath. Stay logged in and browse our products to choose your own special collection for total comfort, and stunning beauty during Ramadan.

  1. Bath Foam

    Nothing can scale up to the experience of having a bath in a rich foam and sweet smell that will definitely infuse your feelings and give you total relaxation of your body.

    Bath Foam by Zoella that combines all beauty elements in one bottle with its aromatic delicate smell of flowers to calm the senses, rich with vitamin H  and extracts of Shea butter and Aloe Vera that all work together to moisturize the skin and give it smooth texture, comes in 490 ml pack. 

  2. Facial Skin Cleanser

    Your face will need constant care and attention to remove all impurities and makeup traces. Our tip for you is to use the following product:

    Gentle cleanser by Petit Jardin milano "natural and bio" for daily use and deep cleansing, amazing for moisturizing and renovating the skin, and to remove dead cells and residues, and to tighten the skin and close the pores to make the skin silky soft from Petit Jadin Milano.

     This tonic activate the face and suitable for all skin types, even the very sensitive. Apply a small amount on cotton pad and wipe your face gently for better absorption

  3. Skin Moisturizer

    Once your skin absorbs the cleanser you must hydrate it to enhance its smoothness and freshness, especially that the pores are open which helps in absorbing the moisturizer which we recommend for you following:

    The product is an advanced formula from Rodial to renovate and activate the skin to look younger naturally. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, meanwhile the hyaluronic acid gives it intensive, long- lasting hydration, and the bee venom works in harmony with the floral stem cells to significantly improve the suppleness and appearance of the skin.

  4. Body Exfoliator

    When peeling the body skin you will feel your skin smooth, soft and comfy, a process very important to feel relaxed.

    We offer you this special product with marshmallow.

     Marshmallow Sugar Crystal Body Scrub from MOR. It will give your skin total smoothness and makes it further glowing and lively. 

  5. Body Perfume

    And last but not least, for a sensual feeling of luxury and freshness, you must perfume your body with long lasting smell, like this musk perfume for the body which works as a deodorant for 24 hours. It will also perfume the sensitive parts of the body and gives total moisturizing affect for the whole body with its sweet smell. This is actually one of the finest and most luxurious and delicate perfumes. Used as a spray while massaging the body from Khan Al Saboun

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