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Four Choices of Comfy Shoes for Ramadan

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 29-05-2017

Ramadan month is one of the most months during which women move around very much because of the many feasts, social events and commitments they participate in, not to mention the religious rituals which require doing lots of effort, thus the need to provide all that give comfort and practicality for them.

And because the comfort of your feet is very important, we have chosen for you a number of amazing shoes and open sandals, in addition to slippers suitable for many of your summer looks during Ramadan.

Choose now from this expansive elegant collection of footwear for an amazing, yet practical look during the holy month, they are mostly suitable to style them with your abaya, jalabiya or kaftans: Stay Tuned!

  1. Women sandals are some of the comfy choices for summer, you can wear them when you are receiving your guests at home and want something comfortable for your feet and suitable with your look at the same time.

    Flat sandals in bronze color made of suede, embellished with silver jewelries from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.

  2. Women slippers are also considered appropriate choice for your look in jalabiya or kaftan during Ramadan, especially when you choose them in the same color of the embroidery adorning your Ramadan outfit.

    Flat women slippers made of natural leather inside out with rubber sole design and in silver color from Della Seta

  3. The simplicity of the design of these sandals does not by all means diminish its elegance and distinctiveness; they are very suitable indeed for your summer look during Ramadan.

    Women flat sandals in dark grey color, finger design and embellished with silver jewelries from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.

  4. For a look that combines elegance, comfort and practicality all at the same time you must try these exquisite sandals.

    Rocky sandals made from natural leather inside out, in rubber sole design and in beige and bronze colors from Della Seta.

  5. Please note: All these products displayed here are available in several colors to suit your different looks.

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