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The Best Whitening Products for Dark Skin with Reduced Prices from Sayidaty Mall

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 25-05-2017

For any woman to enjoy a stunning beauty she must first unify the tone of her skin. Actually this is one of the biggest problems facing women in general, Arabs in particular. This is why they are always hunting for the best beauty products to lighten the dark areas of their bodies.

If you are facing such a problem, No Worries Dear! We will offer you today on Sayidaty Mall 4 very important tips that will help you if followed carefully to diminish the dark areas of your skin. We will also offer you the best skincare products which you can buy from our online store with reduced prices. 

  1. Closing the Pores to Reduce Sweating

    Some areas of the body become darker because of excessive perspiration and frequent friction and rubbing of the skin against the skin, in addition to the growth of bacteria of course. To get rid of this problem use the "Alum" that limits perspiration and closes the pores and kills bacteria as well.

    We offer you: this royal mix soap from Khan Saboun, made of Alum for the skin and used to whiten the dark areas of the body, it also helps in removing the blackness resulting of the frequent friction of the skin against the skin and the traces of perspiration.

  2. Removing accumulating dead cells

    Not exfoliating the skin for a long time or using the incorrect products will cause the accumulation of dead cells which tend to be in different color, further tilting to black. To get rid of the dead cells and restore the natural tone of your skin, use the "Red Mud Mask" from Khan Saboun It will clarify the skin by removing all traces of dead cells and impurities so that you can enjoy a radiant, fresh and young skin.

  3. Hydrating the Skin

    To get rid of the dark areas on your body and enjoy a smooth richly moisturized skin it is preferred that you get a massage session enriched with natural oils.

    We offer you chamomile and tea tree oils from Khan Saboun for skincare. This mixture of oils will hydrate your whole body, clarifies the skin, tightens the pores and lends the skin further vitality and vibrant. It also can be used as body fragrance and deodorant for the body and for sensitive areas as long as 24 hours

  4. Treating Dark Circles under the Eyes

    The area surrounding the eyes is one of the most sensitive areas of your face and its tone quickly changes, therefore extra care must be given to it and also to strengthen it with nourishments to restore its freshness and natural color.

    We offer you: from Khan Saboun this cream to treat dark circles under the eyes. It contains oils of olive, almond and sesame, honey, bee wax and other ingredients.

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