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How to Style Your Long Earrings for Your Ramadan Look

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 25-05-2017

Your unique Ramadan look, either if you are wearing abaya or embroidered jalabiya, or even kaftan, is not complete without a touch of your own jewelries.

Mostly kaftans and abayas are embroidered and full of patterns, so wearing necklaces or chain pendants are by no means a match with them and you find yourself tilting toward some distinctive earrings to be your preferred ornament.

The following long earrings offered to you from Wafa by Wafa are one of the trendiest fashions this season, and a popular choice that will enrich your Ramadan look and lends it a unique Arab style.

Keep scrolling to know more of the choices we offer you and pick the one most close to your taste, yet suitable with your look during this holy month of Ramadan.

  1. First Look: With Abaya

    Opt for long earrings in black color, embellished with Swarovski crystals, silk tassels and backed with deer suede to style it with your upscale monochrome abaya in white and black, or any other color that matches the elegance of black as following: 

    Fashionista monochrome abaya in white and black colors from Louzan.


    Two long earrings in black color from Wafa by Wafa.

  2. Second Look: With Moroccan Kaftan

    Moroccan kaftan is one of the prettiest choices in Ramadan. Style with it two long earrings to boost the glow and splendor of your presence.

    Now: what do think of this following look in this bizarre design for kaftan and these two delicate earrings?

    Moroccan kaftan made of coarse linen in grey color, embellished with Afghan roses, in two long sleeves and with a golden belt from Abaya Najed.


    Two long earrings hand embellished with Swarovski crystals and paillettes, silk tassels and backed with deer suede from Wafa by Wafa

  3. Third Look: With Colorful Jalabiya

    Opt for two earrings in matching colors with your colorful jalabiya to lend your look vitality and beauty with simplicity and understated touch. For example, we picked for you these two eye- catching earrings in olive green color with jalabiya in peachy color. Well dear! We wish you opt for a ring in the same green color for a whole integrated look!

    Women jalabiya in Moroccan design made of georgette fabric in peachy color, embellished with silver color, in two medium- length wide sleeves from Lady Vogue.



    Two long earrings in green color from Wafa by Wafa.

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